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(Diabetes mellitus)
Diabetes mellitus, often simply referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar...
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Common Diabetes treatments discussed around the web
Metformin 61,158 Lantus 14,779 Glucophage 6,920
1,919,250 conversations around the web about Diabetes to help you make a decision
1,919,250 conversations around the web about Diabetes to help you make a decision
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Diabetes & Wet The Bed

1.43% of the posts that mention Wet The Bed also mention Diabetes (930 posts)
Wet The Bed
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Wet The Bed
We found 929 discussions
" ...and 5yrs have been diabetic. Now I have a ...pre diabetic. She has wet the bed twice in the ...We are very upset. Is there anything knew going on to prevent it going into full blown diabete... "

" ...he was diagnosed. He had the same symptoms the bed wetting, drinking more, he was tired all the time. Now hes a healthy, active, fun loving boy of 8. We control the diabetes as best we can and... "

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" ...has also had a few periods of bed wetting during chelation. ...might help? Unless it continues for several weeks, I would think it's more likely getting rid of stuff than diabetes though it's... "

" ...was 8 and wetting the bed when we took him to the clinic to treat what we thought was a urinary tract infection. He was where diabetes was conf... "

" started after i got diabetes - however i did have serious bed wetting problems (from high bgs pre ...i think it's part of diabetes and part... "

" ...When my niece was diagnosed with diabetes she had been wetting the bed a lot (at age 14). She wet the bed at a sleepover and they ...have a teenager who is wetting the bed you take them to t... "

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" ...for the past week she has been wetting the bed. she does drink loads, which we try and keep under control. she was even tested for diabetes at one point but the... "

" ...they all stop when they are out of breath, and go to sleep ...ask me. Dino is in diapers because of his bed wetting situation (being Diabetic). Usually he looses his diaper during this race ... "

" ...necessarily have to be the diabetes that is causing wetting issues ...might make them worse. My non diabetic son wet the bed ...was larger that the bed wetting completely stopped. So, while... "

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" ...Male 69 years,diabetic and hypertensive.using Insulin and other allopathic meds.Suffering from Bed wetting problem. Mental state: ...Seeking Remedy: Bed wetting.Urine passes involuntarily... "

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