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(Diabetes mellitus)
Diabetes mellitus, often simply referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar...
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Common Diabetes treatments discussed around the web
Metformin 61,223 Lantus 14,787 Glucophage 6,921
1,921,013 conversations around the web about Diabetes to help you make a decision
1,921,013 conversations around the web about Diabetes to help you make a decision
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Diabetes & Weakness

0.83% of the posts that mention Diabetes also mention Weakness (15,932 posts)
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We found 15,933 discussions
" ...with getting my sugars under control. I have always had problems getting weak around meal times ever since I was little, especially before lunch or breakfast. I am currently only taking 10-12... "

" ...old also is \"better off\" with less stringent diabetes control. He feels weak and dizzy when glucose numbers are cose to 100-better when in the 120 range. Hospitals are notorious for \"rainbow... "

" ...either. I had Gestational Diabetes which we ...I had Pre-eclampsia which ...her out. Keira had low sugar levels due to my diabetes which required monitoring and treatment. She was too weak ... "

" ...on insulin, have weakness, trembling. What treatment should be taken? Hello, My mother is 69 years old, high diabetic and is on ...morning and night). She is feeling very weak (is bit dizzy... "

" ...low. My surgeon & nut added 3-4 oz of lean protein to my liquid diet because I was still feeling weak and shaky. That made me feel better. And I still lost 11 lbs prior to surgery. I took the... "

" ...diabetic program because I have hypoglycemia and have found the 6 meals a day good and I have only been mildly hungry. On Jenny Craig, whose food I believe is better tasting all-around, I was st... "

" a lot easier. If I had diabetes, would you think I was weak for taking medicine to control my symptoms? What if I had cancer? Depression is a medical... "

" ...Many of the symptoms you described should be alleviated by taking the enzymes. Those available over the counter are too weak ...I did, although fortunately I can control with diet and exercise.... "

" ...diabetes(last checked 380) and hyperthyroid(12.55). my mom is suffering from diabetes(last checked 380) and hyperthyroid(12.55). she is under medication ...has remained high and she feels weak... "

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" ...weak ...blood pressure of 130/80. How can we control it? Need your answers. She have Diabetes, Hypertension an... "

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