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(Diabetes mellitus)
Diabetes mellitus, often simply referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar...
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Common Diabetes treatments discussed around the web
Metformin 60,999 Lantus 14,762 Glucophage 6,908
1,915,544 conversations around the web about Diabetes to help you make a decision
1,915,544 conversations around the web about Diabetes to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Diabetes

Diabetes & Venous Insufficiency

4.06% of the posts that mention Venous Insufficiency also mention Diabetes (104 posts)
Venous Insufficiency
We found 104 discussions
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" ...connection to COPD, homocysteine and diabetes. I am trying to show ...and all of these diseases have white matter lesions, it becomes more evident ...homocysteine is linked to the venous insu... "

" ...and replacment therapy to heart disease, various cancers, endometriosis, venous insufficiency, thrombosis, and diabetes. All of these diseases are incredibly difficult if not... "

" ...and local. YOu should treat diabetes , blood pressure and infection ...infections are more common in diabetic and in venous insufficiency. You should do doppler ultarsounds... "

" ...Your symptoms seem to be related to orthostatic hypotension, which is a benign condition, caused by venous insufficiency. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause ...vasa vasorum. Diabetes affects this... "

" ...Drs. tell me I did not have diabetes. No how, ...I certainly DID have diabetes and that ...have (Neuropathy and Venous Insufficiency) came about prior to diagnosis. And who knows how many... "

" ...the clinic during his private office hours. They deal mainly with lower extremity diabetic and venous insufficiency wounds, but the woman I spoke to says that they also see many... "

" Has anyone had experience with claiming disability for diabetic neuropothy? I have ...have Neuropathy and also Venous Insufficiency. That means th... "

Post from
" ...are several possibilities for foot pain . Of course, diabetes leading to peripheral neuropathy and venous insufficiency are always possibilites. However, her are some other considerations.... "

" ...380 (18 pounds less than when I started my 12 week weight/exercise program), diabetes, venous insufficiency in my legs......all co-qualifiers for my insurance, I do believe. ;) Went for... "

" not due to venous insufficiency, then s/he will have ... I do have venous insufficiency. This does cause swelling ...are the deep veins. Venous insufficiency would involve all the... "

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