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(Diabetes mellitus)
Diabetes mellitus, often simply referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar...
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Common Diabetes treatments discussed around the web
Metformin 61,639 Lantus 14,876 Glucophage 6,935
1,933,954 conversations around the web about Diabetes to help you make a decision
1,933,954 conversations around the web about Diabetes to help you make a decision
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Diabetes & Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

1.72% of the posts that mention Excessive Daytime Sleepiness also mention Diabetes (56 posts)
Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
We found 56 discussions
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" ...of my excessive daytime sleepiness, I was ...have had extensive hair loss on Topamax. I never noticed that. I did love my carb control on Topamax. I am a carbaholic and a diabetic and on... "

" ...comments Angela. I have diabetes and my doctor had ...seraquel. I don't think diabetes is a common side N, Seqaquel just exacerbated my excessive daytime sleepiness. Anyway Requi... "

" ...machine etc etc. I have been an insulin dependant diabetic for 14 years ...blood sugars and having excessive daytime sleepiness. I spent 3 months ...several times. My diabetic consultant dia... "

Post from
" ...and has been going on for decades. We haven't noticed any problem with excessive daytime sleepiness. She became diabetic about 13 years ago, but these night time episodes go back beyond that time. ... "

" Excessive Daytime Sleepiness I'm just wondering how many other have Excessive Sleepiness ...get home I eat and then crash. I have Diabetes and it's under control so I don't think that it's being c... "

Post from
" ...heart, can predispose you to diabetes, and many other health problems. ...of 5, barely qualified for a machine, but my excessive daytime sleepiness was so severe I jumped at the chance to... "

" ...If he diagnosed you with idiopathic hypersomnia, he can still prescribe drugs to help counter your excessive daytime sleepiness! Taking drugs used ...but consider a diabetic - they don't... "

Post from
" ...are related to my diabetes and have been reduced, though not eliminated, study saying that excessive daytime sleepiness is more common among ...obesity, depression, and diabetes. Accor... "

" ...N last year but i have been struggling with excessive daytime sleepiness for the better part of a document about a diabetes community asking about a similar... "

" Diabetes and excessive daytime sleepiness Is excessive daytime sleepiness associated with diabetes? I'm newly diagnosed, and the sugar is still out of control while we figure out meds. And... "

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