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(Diabetes mellitus)
Diabetes mellitus, often simply referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar...
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Common Diabetes treatments discussed around the web
Metformin 61,035 Lantus 14,774 Glucophage 6,912
1,917,262 conversations around the web about Diabetes to help you make a decision
1,917,262 conversations around the web about Diabetes to help you make a decision
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Diabetes & Enemas

We found 229 discussions
" ...Hoping someone can help. I am a diabetic and have had severe constipation. This is so embarrassing ...very well and have pain under my rib ...I can try other than enemas or drugs? I don't ... "

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" take 2 two quart enemas either plain water or saline ...I did this for 2 months after going on diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol medications. Eventually afyer modifying my diet,... "

" ...I get bad side effects ie diabetes and joint pain. I called to ask for a lower dose STERIOD enema as I've heard the ...dose. And somehow ended up with mesalamine enemas ....... Thanks for resp... "

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" ...I like the salt/baking soda enemas because they do not deplete ...electrolyes as do plain water enemas, They do detoxify and I ...has helped me with my diabetes and my hypertension. A... "

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" ...protein from animal source clogs up the basal membranes of the blood vessel walls and prevents some of the blood sugar to leave. Hence it takes just a little sugar from carbohydrate foods to upset ... "

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" ...Bowel Cleanse , I take five psyllium, Bentonite and chlorophyl drink a day, two or three cleansing enemas followed by a coffee ...Forum\" on page 5 \"My treatment for Diabetes II by propaul\"... "

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" ...MANY PEOPLE ARE DEPENDANT ON ENEMAS AND LAXATIVES TO GO Hi ...people here are dependant on enemas and laxatives to have a ...drinking alot more water. I am also a diabetic. I can ussually hav... "

" My grandmother was diabetic (but still consumed a chocolate ...chemicals trying to kill her AND the cancer.. That was when I ...she also gave herself regular enemas, and ate very healthful... "

" ...go with the enemas, even if they aren't ...want to be on pred when you ...constantly. When I was pregnant and on pred, I was told it was practically a guarantee I would be diabetic, and even ... "

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" ...series soapsuds enemas the next ...solution enema. I have been doing this for many years and have managed to control my diabetes and my hypertension, ...use saline solution enemas, not plai... "

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