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Treato results for Dhea and Zinc

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Help people by sharing experiences you've had with Dhea or Zinc - your story could impact others.
Treato My Voice
By Kinlaw
June 11, 2014
Kinlaw wrote
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By Chrissy
January 26, 2014
Chrissy wrote
Smelly feet
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By Paul
November 13, 2013
Paul wrote
DHEA and water retention
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By ZIncy
November 12, 2013
ZIncy wrote
Oral Zinc Sulfate for the treatment of anal warts
you need to suck it up and go to a qualified dermatologist MD. There are 3 anti-viral crèmes they can treat you with. As it has gone this far, the crèmes will take a while to operate - but they will vanish. If treated immediately the virus only makes one appearance than kills itself off if you are maintaining a very high standard of healthy eating (vegetables) and personal hygiene. 600mg /zinc /day can/will shut down your kidneys and/or liver. See a qualified dermatologist.
pbj  |  March 16, 2014
Hi I got rid of my HVP warts by accident. I had watched a show that was talking about how clove or cinnamon oil can be used as a lip plumper and went out and purchased clove oil and rubbed on my lips but a small amount would run into my mouth each time I did it for a couple of days and within a week a small wart that had been cut off and grew back that I had had for three years went away and never came back. If you look up the benefits of clove oil, you will find it is antibacterial, antimicr
gloria  |  March 10, 2014
hi, my warts too are of a larger size and multiplied but dont worry, the zinc is working it will be like for few weeks and it will start to go small and disappear...so just keep taking the pill and dont panic...
jacky  |  December 6, 2013
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October 22, 2013
AJC wrote
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By Elaine
October 11, 2013
Elaine wrote
i had taqicardia
I would really suggest going to a cardiologist for anything concerning the heart (not including love ;)
In some cases taking pills is the smart move because although I appreciate your concern against taking chemicals, a fast beating heart is a bigger concern and also we are all made of chemicals from head to toe. U just need to take the right ones. Hope I helped. G
Gilbert  |  January 8, 2014
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1,616 online discussions about Dhea and Zinc found:

This is the reason zinc is such an effective supplement for...
...a whole lot, Ritalin increases DHEA and it does absolutely nothing for gain or maintenance of lean weight. Gain I can understand ...potential. This is the reason zinc is such an effective supple...
not help much.. zinc helped me alot in the beginning....
Dhea raised me from 500 to 660.. it didn't help libido at all though.. I took T gel ...porn addict raising your T might not help much.. zinc helped me alot in the beginning. as i was low.....
T but zinc alone never seemed to help me. I would say...
I dont get the ZINC thing. I know its supposed to boost T but zinc alone never seemed to help me. I would say DHEA supplements helps me more. But combine them, ...with yours NOT MINE of course...
as soon as i take my zinc and dim this doesn't happen...
...have some thinning hair on too much dhea daily.. i suppose it ...soon as i take my zinc and dim this doesn't happen when supplies run out of zinc/dim i forget to buy ...a few days of dhea ...
zinc is involved in Test reduction to DHT, but I 'm not...
...you elaborate on your use of DHEA, zinc, mag, and B6 please? I ...their recovery benefits. I think zinc is involved in Test reduction to DHT, but I 'm not sure. I...
much cheaper to take Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B complex...
...of a combo. My opinion is that DHEA is useless, and ZMA is better to take by ...much cheaper to take Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin...
testosterone and DHEA can also cause this. Thyroid... Be...
...and DHEA can also cause this. ...levels first. I always thought taking zinc was good, but out of the blue, my levels came back high, and I wasnt even taking anything much with zinc...
regimen. Also take zinc, magnesium, Z-12 and trazadone....
...cortisol being very low. My DHEA has always been pretty good, but take 25mg EOD ...a ton of shit. I'm going to try taking the DHEA at night. You might ...my regimen. Also take zinc, magne...
I do. I've been taking extra zinc and B6 to help with...
...been taking extra zinc and ...I \"think\" I read that DHEA helps produce ...supplements (l-argenine, vitex, dhea) and he said there is no research to support it improving the quality of eggs,...
to improve my immunity. I have't had any full blown colds...
...zinc ...more effective at eliminating slight cold symptoms and preventing full blown respiratory infections. I stopped taking that 2 months after I'd been on delay DHEA to improve my immunity. ...
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