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Dexilant is taken for: GERD Reflux Heartburn


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Taken for: GERD, Reflux, Heartburn
Other names: Dexlansoprazole, Kapidex
Prescribing mode: Rx
Dexlansoprazole (International Nonproprietary Name, trade names Kapidex, Dexilant) is a proton pump inhibitor that is mark...
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Dexilant for GERD
3,200 conversations around the web about Dexilant to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Dexilant and compared it to other GERD medications
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8 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Dexilant & Alcohol

We found 46 discussions
" causing your issue, the dexilant shuts off your acid production, ...go see a specialist, take a weight gain protein supplement 4 times daily and avoid alcohol, spicy food and STRESS. The... "

" I am also on dexilant plus I take a 20 mg Zegerid OTC before the evening meal. ...and I stopped using caffeine or alcohol. I still am suffering most ...looked OK. I have had GERD about 18 yrs... "

" ...wants to take me off of the PPI (60mg Dexilant) and put me on 300mg Zantac. He also said that he wants me to ...fine to experiment with moderate coffee/alcohol (no more than one/day) and... "

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" my symptoms .I take one Dexilant 30 60mg in the morning.In ...continual sleep I must take two or three Gaviscon xtra strength just before ...night. I do not drink alcohol or smoke.I ha... "

" diet (no caffeine, no alcohol, do not eat at least 4 hours before sleep) Alspo the GI Doc put me on Dexilant and finally after about 10 months I am almost... "

" ...take a 60mg Dexilant first thing in the ...only been on the Dexilant a little over a ...ballistic. Even two Prilosec/day wouldn't do anything for the reflux, so switched to Dexilant. Reflux... "

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" ...of frequent heartburn ask for Dexilant. For years I was on ...wasn't helping anymore. I take 1 Dexilant a day and have had ...(except for my occasional fried food/alcohol filled nights in whi... "

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" ...dysplasia thanks god, the doc put me on Dexilant 60mg been taking it for in my life, no alcohol period, worry about the long ...and freaking out about getting cancer later on on my... "

" ...mentioned. I don't drink alcohol or any other beverages ...ill. I just today switched from Dexilant to Pantoprazole. Dexilant caused me to have terrible ...2 days on the Dexilant, the pain... "
Claude G
July 3, 2014
I have started having back and neck pain, as if my neck and back was in pain of excess work. I tried to kill it with Advil with success but it still shows off after 5-6 hours. In a few days I will call my MD.

" I take Dexilant 60 mg a day. It ...The one very persistant symptom is a tight throat, which is oddly relieved aggrivate reflux, such as alcohol and peppermint. Right now I... "

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