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Desogestrel & PCOS

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desogestrel that is messing me up!!! It used to work like...
" ...Yaz is available in UK but I'm going to try Yasmin again, it's the only thing I can think of to help me....and I'll try and stick with it for longer this time. It's all so complicated, and I tend t... "

as those I have mentioned as a PCOS treatment, and that you...
" ...PCOS treatment, and that you CANNOT TAKE SOMETHING ANDROGENIC WHICH WILL MAKE SYMPTOMS WORSE. Sometimes you need to let them know you mean it. You don't need to feel bad about the fact you have bee... "

you mentioned. My PCOS was better BEFORE yasmin!...
" ...same on Yasmin. I actually became scared to go out because I was feeling so ill that I'd have panic attacks and sit on the stairs crying! Had all those symptoms you mentioned. My PCOS was better... "

She has now prescribed me Desogestrel which im told i...
" ...with PCO in December but have had symptoms for many years. As usual it seems the doctors were useless. I got refered to a clinic and the doctor gave me 2 options ...prescribed me Desogestrel... "

and progestin effects and uses desogestrel as its example....
" ...PCOS, but it works well for me. If I remember correctly its combination of hormones is the same as Desogen, but it's a 20 mcg pill, which puts it in the \"very low dose\" category along with thing... "

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I am on now is desogestrel 0.15mg/ethinyl estradiol 0.03mg....
" ...their opinion. I am also thinking I should do the HSG while I am on the bcps. Then I will be totally cleaned out and be good to go when my body finally is ready for IUI. My bcp I am on now is des... "

everyone, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18, and now...
" ...planned parenthood). I'm on desogen now, but I was on Yaz or Yasmin before (I can't remember which). I'm reading now in this thread that desogestrel has androgenic properties. Doesn't Desogen... "

past 16 years for my pcos and the only ones that allowed...
" ...and alesse. I've decided to go off of it because the higher androgen level in it seems to really affect me. Pills that are better for some people are those with desogestrel norgestimate and... "

desogestrel). I have PCOS and I obviously don't'...
" ...high progesterone) 'cerazette' (75milligrams desogestrel). I have PCOS and I obviously don't' dr about the I'm really confused and ...pills are safe with PCOS and which are ... "

am going to start avandia on a trial basis to treat my pcos...
" ...those containing desogestrel. The drug ...oil production. I am going to start avandia on a trial basis to treat my pcos and will be leaving my safety net of bc pills and spiro behind for... "

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