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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
*Off Label
Desogestrel is a molecule used in hormonal contraceptives...
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Desogen for Birth Control Pills
3,872 conversations around the web about Desogen to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Desogen and compared it to other Birth Control Pills medications
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6 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Desogen cause Weight Loss ?

Weight Loss is a known side effect of Desogen
#5 in Desogen discussions - 103 posts discuss Weight Loss with Desogen. Weight Loss is #5 concern in Desogen discussions.
We found 103 discussions
" ...switched to desogen about 5 months ago. It made my skin flawless, however it make me gain wait (10 lbs in 2 months!), caused stomach bloating, and made me period week (lose weight on my pe... "

" ...been on Desogen since early 2000 and I call it my life saver. The first ...gain. When I started Desogen I lost 20 lbs and am able to lose weight by diet and exercise ...says he uses Desogen... "

" ...the first two verions of the pill I tried - Loestren and Desogen. Loestren gave me severe nausea and Desogen lowered my libido dramatically. My ...and I've been able to loose weight also.... "

" ...but the pills are giving water weight. I gained 15lbs when i started Desogen... got off it, hopped on Alesse.. lost 10.... it was preventing you from losing the weight.. i don't think so.... "

" ...I took BCPs while getting fit and dropping weight through diet and lots of ...I fully believe that regulating my cycle with Bcps (desogen in my case) and losing weight was the silver bullet for... "

" that has a suitable progestin. For me, Yasmin and Desogen are the only pills that I can lose weight on and feel healthy, but Yasmin for me is better. When I'm not on the pill, I look... "

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" ...pills, first Azurette, which made me lethargic, apathetic and unresponsive to others; then desogen, which makes me ...want to lose weight!); and now I'm on apri, which is making me suicidal (luc... "

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" ...for me was Femcon Fe but for things like acne I found that Desogen was helpful. The one I lost weight on when I lost nearly 10 lbs was Yasmin. It is true that some women do lose weight when on th... "

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" ...and when I was prescribed Desogen I was again ...I was given Reclipsen. Does anyone else have any experience with losing weight like this with these ...ingredients helping me lose weight or t... "

" ...I am currently on the pill Desogen and have been for almost a year now. However, I have really noticed big mood changes, loss of libido, and my ...also trying to lose a few pounds, but am findi... "

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