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(Depressed mood)
Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings and physical well-b...
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Common Depression treatments discussed around the web
Prozac 73,413 Zoloft 73,058 Wellbutrin 63,219
6,762,853 conversations around the web about Depression to help you make a decision
6,762,853 conversations around the web about Depression to help you make a decision
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Depression & Feelings Of Worthlessness

38.6% of the posts that mention Feelings Of Worthlessness also mention Depression (1,359 posts)
Feelings Of Worthlessness
We found 1,359 discussions
" ...recently been close to suicide & my now, I feel down & close to tears & feel like I am loosing the plot, I am 0n 200mg luvox/flucxoxamine due to recent hurts & depression. & feeling... "

" going to LOVE coming home smelling like the worlds biggest ashtray! When I get home I will feel completely cured of my DEPRESSION, SOCIAL ANXIETY and GENERAL FEELINGS OF WORTHLESSNESS... "

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" wants me to start taking Wellbutrin (antidepressant) to help aleve the depressive side of just having a difficult time with my feelings of worthl... "

" ...from depression, I love to exercise, has the exercise cured the depression. No. 40mg a day of fluoxetine and Cognitive behavioural ...body issues, sociability, feelings of worthlessn... "

" ...suffer from depression, I love to exercise, has the exercise cured the depression. No. 40mg a ...body issues, sociability, feelings of worthlessness. So, that worked.... "

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" ...of taking 30 mgs. once a day, I started to lose those horrible feelings of worthlessness and negativity. Since then life has thrown me a few major curve balls, which I truely believe I survived... "

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" ...therapy about 20 days ago, and is getting worse. Feelings of worthlessness and lethargy have invited themselves back into my life, and the panic is 24/7 again. Should I give it more time for my... "

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" are taking and all that you are trying to do you should really talk to your doctor about all of it including your feelings of worthlessness. The only other suggestion I can give you is to... "

" depression. Feelings of worthlessness, expectations of ...of the narcissist. One might ask just as hopelessly, \"How does one treat the expectation of failure in a depressive?\" or to paralle... "

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" ...and also on meds. Doing the prozac with abilify. They have both made most of the feelings of worthlessness less frequent. And when I do feel down, I'm better equipped to pick... "

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