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Depo Provera

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Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
*Off Label
depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) long acting reversible contraceptive hormonal contraception birth control drug that is ...
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Depo Provera for Menstrual Period
32,561 conversations around the web about Depo Provera to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Depo Provera and compared it to other Menstrual Period medications
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Does Depo Provera cause Bipolar Disorder ?

#35 in Depo Provera discussions - 94 posts discuss Bipolar Disorder with Depo Provera. Bipolar Disorder is #35 concern in Depo Provera discussions.
We found 94 discussions
Post from
" ...And Bi-polar? my girlfriend is looking in to getting the Depo Provera shot and she has bi-polar but is not ...mix of Depo Provera and ... "

" ...soon! My bipolar symptoms are ...more acute. Before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, an Ob-Gyn prescribed depo provera shots to prevent me from having a period. This proved a mistake ... "

Post from
" ...except ADHD. When I was on Depoprovera, It was literly making me bi-polar. The doctor didn't even hesitate to give me xanax. Its a low dose, ...which I was on Depoprovera. I don't usualy t... "

" large doses helps with the manic part of bipolar) and concerta (for ADHD) in these past two years and have been doing fine. My doctor and i found out that i only mimiced bipolar because I was ... "

" ...provera and miscarriage.. is there a connection I was on the shot for a little over two years. I started feeling sick all the time when I was on the shot and I became pretty much bipolar; so I... "

" I have been on Depo-Provera since I had my abortion in 2005. I had the worst cramps, bleeding for 3 months, diagnosed with Bipolar and depression, I have severe migranes everyday... NO MATTER what... "

" ...have emotional/mood disorders. I have Bipolar disorder and i am a little ...and was wondering if any one else had been on Depo Provera shots or had the implants... "

Post from
" ...control for bipolar ? bipolar and wanting to get ...doc warned me about depo provera which caused me really bad mood or anxiety, i went on nuvaring b4 and that seemed well, but is there... "

" *big hugs* I too have bipolar and understand the meltdown around lady time. I actually went on Depo Provera (that 3 monthly contraceptive shot) to stop my hormones from going crazy, and... "

" ...affects their hunger etc)I have Bipolar III am on the Depo Provera Injection to stop my periods, on Epilium for my Bipolar.Also... No matter how much I ...even at 4pm), felt suicidal fo... "

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