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Deplin is taken for: Depression Folic Acid Deficiency*


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Method of use: Pill
*Off Label
Category: Dietary supplement
Levomefolic acid (International Nonproprietary Name) or metafolin (5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid) is the natural, active fo...
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Deplin for Depression
4,751 conversations around the web about Deplin to help you make a decision
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Based on medical discussions around the web

What people say about Deplin and Sleepy ?

#27 in Deplin discussions - 20 posts discuss Sleepy with Deplin.
We found 20 discussions
" ...the cure-all for that (Deplin 15mg) did not solve the blood problem. I am so sleepy and tired all the ...and many people have abandoned me because the anemia (causes lack of oxygen) makes me... "

" ...L Methylfolate And Its Purpose My doctor wrote me a script for Deplin. L-methylfolate. The first day ...with my effexor, I felt so sleepy and couldn't do ...morning with my depression meds. C... "

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" ...taking Cymbalta 30 mg with Deplin with GREAT RESULTS for about ...nerve pain. I had been on Prozac and Lamictal which was ...4-5 years. I was always sleepy, couldn't consentrate, memory pro... "

" ...for years too). So I tried a supplement called Deplin (its technically a \"medical\" food) and it really helped, ...bad to begin with. I'm too sleepy on the extra cymbalta tho,... "

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" ...of each. He also added Deplin to my list. I've been ...But, I started getting really sleepy again and things went down ...awake like before. The more sleepy i have been the more... "

" ...trick.\" I also started taking deplin alongside the 20mg brintellix. breath, but simultaneously being sleepy. I thought maybe my body. Could it be the deplin making things w... "

" ...acid at all. I take deplin for it, and since I've ...feeling terrible. I was so sleepy and miserable it wasn't worth ...I could take just the Deplin with a regular prenatal. The... "

" raise my anxiety, but is sometimes worth it. Deplin: a \"medical food\" which is some form of folate: the above. made me really sleepy the next day now, I... "

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" ...just makes me sad and sleepy. I've tried Cymbalta, Pristiq, Celexa, give NAC, Viibyrd, and Deplin a try. I started NAC ...the Viibyrd, I'll probably add Deplin as well. I'm kind of... "

" ...with the depression...I was too sleepy all the time to notice. ...I can get a good night's sleep. I think the Deplin has started helping. I feel a little bit perkier... "

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