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(Muscle twitching)
fasciculation , or "muscle twitch", is a small, local, involuntary muscle contraction and relaxation visible under the skin arising fr...
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Common Twitching treatments discussed around the web
Klonopin 2,080 Xanax 1,794 Diazepam 1,264
249,433 conversations around the web about Twitching to help you make a decision
249,433 conversations around the web about Twitching to help you make a decision
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Dental Work & Twitching

We found 86 discussions
Post from
" my left eye twitches when i sneeze or yawn ...i also never gotten any dental work done.. and actaully work in ...feild and never heard of dental work causing eye twitching, but who... "

" ...might be excessive mercury from the seafood, or from dental work. I also had muscle twitching from dental mercury. GT \"Michael Rawlins\" wrote in message... "

" ...down to jaw, left eye twitching. Dental work done. Causes? I am 39 ...old and just had some dental work done on the left side ...addition my left eye has been twitching constantly. I went bac... "

" ...find it fascinating to watch (that's me with my eye twitching in unison with yours!) Hopefully your twitch is just stress related from the dental work and will disappear... "

" Greeting everyone, I had dental work done in Sept of 2012 when the dentist injected ...whole left side of my face was paralyzed it took it two ...left eye. I started having twitching the next ... "

Post from
" ...weeks post RAI / dental work Just a quick comment ...that you cannot have dental work. There is an alternative ...cannot. I become a twitching, tremoring ball of anxiety if I have novocaine... "

" ...enough? No wonder you have twitches and spasms. I have never ...neck starts feeling tight. Hopefully you are doing religious dental care and see dentist every two months. You don't want... "

" ...mind not realizing it was the Lyrica. I describe it as ...memory will never be the same, I still have twitches and had $3,000 done in dental work. I get on this site every other day or... "

" ...some reason. Don't be afraid of the click. I was anticipating and twitching at first when it clicked. But after realizing I ...make it go after after clicking. It can save dental work,... "

Post from
" ...examined me, I told her about the twitching in my stomach. She said ...she said gas can cause twitching in the stomach. Thanks Hailey for informing me about no dental work in the 1st trimeste... "

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