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(Dementia Alzheimer s type)
Alzheimer's disease(AD), also called Alzheimer disease, senile dementia of the Alzheimer type, '''primary degenerati...
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Common Alzheimer treatments discussed around the web
Aricept 5,870 Namenda 1,886 Medical Marijuana 1,843
463,735 conversations around the web about Alzheimer to help you make a decision
463,735 conversations around the web about Alzheimer to help you make a decision
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Alzheimer & Root Canal

We found 57 discussions
" ...fall asleep. I keep telling myself that I'll feel better after my root canal is done...hopefully, i'll believe it soon. At this point ...visit my Grandma. She's got Alzheimers and has been in a... "

" ...of prayer. Her step-mother passed away and her father, who has Alzheimers does not understand. Her DH had an emergency Root Canal; therefore his surgery ...:( She has been suffering migraines an... "

" ...frazzled, I'v actually been on propanolol for years for ...stress, I had two root canal fillings and he killed ...that there are fellow sufferers (dementia, not tooth ache!) out there to talk... "

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" ...know I have Candida. Does everyone ...It was a root canal, and I told them no metal! I had started reading \"Beating Alzheimer's\" and read about ...a composite filling for my root canal. ... "

" ...yesterday about a friend of HERS that is experiencing signs of dementia. She called me to get some \"advice\". I told ...back. I am sorry about the root canal - they are soooo no... "

" ...little girl, too! 4. Had the second part of my root canal after waking up with my fourth migraine of the week. Why is this a positive ...She is almost 90 and has Alzheimer's, but she is holding ... "

" ...having read the book \"Root Canal Cover Up\" in time ...because I turned down the root canal, and had to get ...responsible for Alzheimer's Disease. However, my MIL got Alzheimer's Disease at... "

" ...tooth (4th in 4 years) - it had a root canal and crown done many years ago, but couldn't be ...ever since. He was in his early 70s, had some mild dementia, but just quit eating. He was down to... "

" ...a new dentist because mine has Alzheimers and the hygienist made the ...a cap; and now they discovered that I need a root canal on another tooth. Hubby and I have never been... "

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" ...for me, a single root canal removed. Removed a tremendous ...heard of the book \"Beating Alzheimer's\" by Tom Warren. It ...ever read. Briefly, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in his ... "

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