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(Dementia Alzheimer s type)
Alzheimer's disease(AD), also called Alzheimer disease, senile dementia of the Alzheimer type, '''primary degenerati...
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Common Alzheimer treatments discussed around the web
Aricept 5,845 Namenda 1,873 Medical Marijuana 1,821
459,904 conversations around the web about Alzheimer to help you make a decision
459,904 conversations around the web about Alzheimer to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Alzheimer

Alzheimer & Electric Shock

We found 34 discussions
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" ...of smoke), you ought to have asked the Genie, how to find effective methods of not installing the faceless puppets in the first place?! I wish Alzheimer's could be cured by electric shock... "

" electric shock treatment for alzheimer's does anyone have any information on the electric shock treatment [deep brain stimulation] that ...and told me. this treatment was used on an obese man to tr... "

" ...Her arms and legs do not thrash about but her whole body moves as if she has had an electric shock. This also occurs when she is asleep. She is unaware of any of these occurences. Can anyone giv... "

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" ...old sister has the final stages of alzheimer's. She is almost catatonic with foot constantly getting secondary infections. My family ...a bit about Electric shock Treatments. A pati... "

" ...have vascular dementia though. It looks quite uncomfortable almost like he's had an electric shock although it doesn't seem to bother him. Aricept makes it a bit better (we had a period when we... "

" ...Dad also hallucinates with his dementia. he also acts on them ...a black eye and an electric shock). his consultant says it also ...was alone, and also his hallucinations tended to happen mo... "

" ...with advanced early onset dementia. She is still living father. Although suffering enormously with dementia, she is also very ...are now talking about electric shock treatment to her ... "

" has advanced Alzheimer s and the family is taking care as best we ...). We think that the one on one care is a big help for him, and it ease s our concerns about the care he is given. Possib... "

" consider this for an Alzheimer patient. This is a very his life etc. But absolutely not for an Alzheimer patient. With the Electric Shock the patient will lose the short term memory ... "

" ...back ... here 'tis: \"Electric shock treatment for alzheimer's\" started by jav on ...AD: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Alzheimer's Disease Identifier: NCT00658125 Is ... "

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