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delusion is a false belief held with absolute conviction despite superior evidence. Unlike hallucinations, delusions are always psych...
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269,867 conversations around the web about Delusions to help you make a decision
269,867 conversations around the web about Delusions to help you make a decision
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Delusions & Liver Disease

0.04% of the posts that mention Liver Disease also mention Delusions (37 posts)
Liver Disease
We found 37 discussions
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" is declining due to liver disease...? My father is suffering from a liver disease that seems to be getting worse. He has cirrhosis and is having delusions and symptoms similar to dementia... "

" ...only can the meds cause delusions, but the back up of ...wastes can cause disorientation and delusions. MY daughter had a liver disease and the liver processes toxins... "

" ...oily scalp and skin Get yellowing of the skin (jaundice) Become bald Have ...heart Develop significant risk of liver disease and liver cancer Have high ...mood swings Fly into rages Su... "

" ...This is one of my STBX's many delusions about me. I'm a social ...a screening (interview and blood test to test for liver issues). Just curious if anyone has been through... "

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" ...seeing double & went dillusional.Didn't remember anything about it ...usually only happens with decompensated liver disease.My liver is still compensated & am on pegasys /rib tx.Doc didn't test... "

" ...before but since he has liver disease I didnt want him to take so much. Also, he used to be a zombie with all that medication. ...and his uncle suffers from delusions and confusion too, plus... "

Post from
" My little friend, your delusions as to your assertion that ...other forums is again your own personal delusion. I have been a ...sCAM medication for those suffering with liver disease is as outr... "

Post from
" Sorry to hear about your mom's acute mental illness. Check your state law ...treatment. My MIL had a liver disease and at the peak ...patients, and when they had delusions and paranoia, it was e... "

" Quote: alcohol can lead to addiction, delusions, senile dementia, fatal liver disease. tobacco is known to lead to many fatal illness. Should we criminalize those also. We would do... "

" ...yellow, I would say yes to hepatitis or to liver disease. Both are signs that the liver is in great ...quite working also the hands. Very painful and causes delusions in the mind as it... "

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