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dehydration (hypohydration) is defined as the excessive loss of body fluid. It is literally the removal of water from an object ...
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Common Dehydrated treatments discussed around the web
Zofran 7,730 Pedialyte 6,900 Phenergan 1,624
762,323 conversations around the web about Dehydrated to help you make a decision
762,323 conversations around the web about Dehydrated to help you make a decision
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Dehydrated & Enlarged Prostate

0.42% of the posts that mention Enlarged Prostate also mention Dehydrated (59 posts)
Enlarged Prostate
We found 59 discussions
" ...not blaming his doctor. He has a good doctor and treatment facility, but there have been issues with dehydration, enlarged prostate, and nausea. I understand what... "

" Prostate enlargement. Lots of pressure and cramp ...and my sleep, and I was constantly dehydrated. Literally every 15 min if ...And even now I feel a slight lower abdominal pressure.... "

" ...said I might have been dehydrated. I wonder if that might affect the PSA. I also have en enlarged prostate but that still doesn't explain the jump from .5... "

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" ...have this sort of pain occasionally - either ...year I started taking finasteride (e.g. Propecia), which also medicates enlarged prostate . I wonder if ...list are acid and dehydration. May... "

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" ...sign of bladder infections. dehydration, urinary tract infection, and enlarged prostate. I am sure there... "

" be 60. I've had an enlarged prostate for as long as I ...hour century, I'm a little dehydrated, but I still have a ...night. I still have an enlarged prostate. But I can go 6... "

" not cancer or an enlarged prostate? It seems weird not to ...(he agreed that he had heard the dehydration of bladder meds stink, and ...lot of people also get dizzy on them) C.) don't... "

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" ...for a week, recovering from dehydration and UTI; Feeding him by ...#165.) Added to that he has developed an enlarged prostate, so has an indwelling Foley ...of Larry, age 72; Dx with Parkinso... "

" ...then thought it was an enlarged prostate. After pumping me full of The worst thing you can do is get dehydrated. I have been to the ER twice because of dehydration causing urinary pai... "

" that day.Diarehha and feeling sick,he also said his tummy ...had a high fever ,he was dehydrated and had very low blood his intestine and an enlarged prostate.So they put a tube in... "

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