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Defecography + MRI

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Ask a question
55 conversations around the web about Defecography + MRI to help you make a decision
55 conversations around the web about Defecography + MRI to help you make a decision
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Defecography & MRI

We found 55 discussions
" ...I must say it was not as embarassing as defecography was. If you've ever had a lower GI it's very similar. You lay on the MRI table and they do some imaging without contrast. Then... "

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" ...showed rectal descent Advertisement Test done: Dynamic MRI of Pelvis: Impression: Dynamic straining MRI Pelvis shows rectal ...line. I got defecography/proctography test done. Reports... "

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" ...leads them somewhere else. which do you think you need, an xray or mri with the defecography? or do you not think it matters? Whatever helps diagnose it ... I'm... "

" ...interesting that you say the MRI will show prolapses and other problems better than defecography. My urogyn (also in MD) ...De, if you have the defecography, make sure all the paste... "

" ...a colon/rectal X-ray scan, an MRI, and a chest X-ray. Now ...node inspections, etc. He believes that the scopes--- colonoscopy, proctography, etc. should be decided by the gastroenterologist ... "

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" ...the USA for a Stand-up MRI ( not available in Canada recommend a reliable upright MRI center (preferably associated with a ...a warning that some private MRI centers do not use accre... "

" able to use Metamucil and it would ...water out after taking a laxative or enema. My ...appointment for something called a defecography which is basically an MRI that takes pictures while ... "

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" ...anything about why he chose mri instead of x ray defecography? I Think mri sounds a lot better but ...decided to let me do MRI. I told him the feces ...decide to let me do MRI. (for sure I ... "

" ...about ten weeks and is now causing major toilet issues. I had a MRI defecography done - lucky me... It showed a large rectocele, small cystocele and a... "

" i've heard of this dinamic mri for the pelvic floor, it's an addvanced test and ...better test that includes all the 3 tests - defecography, manometry and preanal u.s. so that way they save... "

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