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Deaf + Homeless

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Ask a question
635 conversations around the web about Deaf + Homeless to help you make a decision
635 conversations around the web about Deaf + Homeless to help you make a decision
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Deaf & Homeless

We found 635 discussions
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" charity and volunteer with deaf and blind people. edit - ...over 150 coats to the homeless in... "

" ...posted by Homeless :sweat: Vanilla Ice cream ...well.....! Vanilla ice cream ... "

Post from
" ...worse than acne Being deaf or blind Cancer AIDS Losing a family member Being homeless Losing a limb Being... "

" ...When I go deaf, I'll try suing Sony...and losing...and going bankrupt... "

" ...her she online... she act surprised and shocked.... She is a college student not a blind deaf homeless... "

" build a city for deaf people you might as well ...and include the population of homeless bums that crowd the streets... "

Post from
" and hand me a card saying he was homeless, deaf, and mute. He would go into a shop and... "

" ...This also goes for the deaf, dumb,blind, decrepit, and insane ones. ...junked vehicle that even a homeless person w... "

Post from
" ...laugh @ the expense of the less fortunate (e.g. homeless deaf guy, indigent African children, etc.) btw, I checked not... "

" A deaf [possibly homeless] bloke just knocked on my door trying to sell his drawings. I was a bit cynical at... "

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