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Dayquil is taken for: Common Cold Cough Flu Sore Throat More


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DayQuil is a medicine designed to help relieve many symptoms of a common cold and flu. Made by Vicks, it is available in liquid and "L...
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Dayquil for Common Cold
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Does Dayquil cause Hallucinations ?

#46 in Dayquil discussions - 27 posts discuss Hallucinations with Dayquil. Hallucinations is #46 concern in Dayquil discussions.
We found 27 discussions
" ...the marijuana interacted with the dayquil maybe giving you a more \"intense\" high or more hallucinogenic feeling. Im not sure though... "

" ...ingredient in dayquil makes me hallucinate. Unfortunately, it also makes me paranoid, so I... "

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"! me and dayquil are having fun ; ) today was a lay around, be a couch tater and do nothing day! lol Wowee! Dayquil gives me slasher-movie-type hallucinations (shudder). I'm pooped... "

" ...and had such a strong reaction to it (passing out as soon as I took it for Ny, hallucinating for Day) that my roommate forbade me to take it again. I finally took it again a few months... "

" ...much it can make you hallucinate. Hallucinate is a very strong ...It's the equivalant of taking dayquil, feeling a little weird ...The idea that he went on some hallucinogenic rampage to kill... "

" ...said I have adverse reactions to medication from claritin (gives me hives) to dayquil (normal dosage makes me hallucinate) and diet pills are the WORST, they give me CRAZY cravings etc etc. I've... "

" ...I was having problems with insomnia and remembered ...of the opposite. I took NyQuil and DayQuil in college and had such a strong reaction to it (passing for Ny, hallucinating for Day) ... "

" Tammera I wish I could take OTC meds. Dayquil puts me to sleep for at least 4hours and the Nyquil will actually give me hallucinations and Nightmares. I only wish I could take that... "

" ...drink the whole bottle of DayQuil I just got? That might be ...lot less scary. I'll also stop hallucinating an freaking myself out, or maybe they aren't hallucinations? Who the hell knows? What... "

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" a lot =3 I am sick with sinus infection so ...and progresso light soups. I am also hallucinating / so numb I cant ...anything from all the Nyquil Dayquil Sudafed amoxicillin, you name ... "

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