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Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp (not to be confused with a dry scalp). Dandruff is sometimes caused by fre...
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Common Dandruff treatments discussed around the web
Nizoral 4,563 Dandruff Shampoo 3,249 Anti-Dandruff 1,975
75,612 conversations around the web about Dandruff to help you make a decision
75,612 conversations around the web about Dandruff to help you make a decision
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Dandruff & Iron Deficiency

0.13% of the posts that mention Iron Deficiency also mention Dandruff (45 posts)
Iron Deficiency
We found 45 discussions
" fall, taken dandruff treatment, had iron deficiency, thyroid imbalance, irregular periods ...hence has taken dandruff treatment. but no ...really very low. (i had been treated for anemia... "

" ...any more then normal, I tend to be Iron deficient, but I have noticed my ...also dry :/ I have dry itchy spots of skin, and ...the time, and I have dandruff. I hope I don't lose... "

" ...with 51 kg I have problem in hairfall and light dandruff I came here to chennai ...that due to water or dandruff or changing shampooor iron deficiency plz suggest me... "

" ...have massive dandruff. It comes with iron deficiency often. Low iron causes... "

" ...loss and dandruff. Taking iron supplements for iron deficiency. Due to hormonal ...I am taking iron supplements due to iron deficiency but my hair ...presumed to be dandruff but anti-dandruff... "

" ...the underlying cause of your dandruff. If you want to give on the lookout for iron deficiency... "

" improve after 8 months of loss after telogen effluvium brought on by iron deficiency. I have a flew dandruff-y flakes near my part and I have these gummy scales on the crown... "

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" If blood work shows an iron deficiency then supplements are appropriate. My ...with the oily residue from nizoral - it's just part of ...they use to keep the dandruff in check. You can still... "

" ...dandruff on my scalp but also on ears and achne on face - this all because of humid and yeast bacteria. I've been fighting with yeast infection for a half year. this should be the reason why I lose... "

" the science works, but iron deficiency is often linked to hair loss (not just due to hypothyroidism). Have you noticed any dandruff- look up dermatitis on the Internet. Hot water isn't... "

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