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Female Sex Hormones - Estrogens

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123 conversations around the web about Female Sex Hormones - Estrogens to help you make a decision
123 conversations around the web about Female Sex Hormones - Estrogens to help you make a decision
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Damiana & Female Sex Hormones - Estrogens

We found 123 discussions
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" ...apigenin containing herb - having aromatase (estrogen synthase) inhibiting properties. May increase testosterone levels while lowering estrogen. Seems to affe... "

" ...Maca Root-hormone balancer, increase libido Damiana Leaves-hormone balancer, increase libido Siberian ...Dong Quai-blood tonic, uterine toner, estrogen... "

" ...Licorice and red clover contain phyto-estrogens too. The breast success formula there's enough fennel and damian... "

" ...estrogenic properties or even stimulate estrogen receptors in some men similar ...of certain type of ginseings, damiana, black cohosh, ect. I ... "

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" Damiana Anyone ever tried it? From my research that I've been doing on estrogens and atrophic vaginitis, damiana is considered safe for breastfeeding, will help wth low... "

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" Damiana For Hot Flashes Although I ...myself from what I understand, Damiana probably isn't the best herb ...take to combat hot flashes. Damiana contains androgen derivatives, which... "

" Yes, lled, estrogens and prolactin decrease libido, DHT and progesterone increase it. So especially the combination ...tea from powdered fennel seed. The traditional herb is da... "

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" ...are some supplements/foods that lower estrogen, such as 6-Bromo, DIM, Resveratrol ...(GSE), Mangosteen (very powerful), Damiana, Vitamin K, Fish oil... "

" Damiana seemed to work for me ...also seemed to contain plant estrogens (not necessarily a bad thing, the plant estrogens in flax seed for instance bind to the estrogen receptors and have a less... "

" artificially impacting, at the very least, Testosterone & Estrogen (and possibly Cortisol) - which would mean cycling off ...Product - Avena Sativa - Damiana - Ashwagandha (possibly for it... "

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