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(Deep vein thrombosis)
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) (also known as deep venous thrombosis or economy class syndrome) is the formation of a bl...
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Common DVT treatments discussed around the web
Warfarin 6,009 Coumadin 4,503 Heparin 3,086
62,836 conversations around the web about DVT to help you make a decision
62,836 conversations around the web about DVT to help you make a decision
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DVT & Massage

We found 454 discussions
" I have a post-surgery DVT, femoral vein, ankle to pelvis from 2.5 years ago - no coumadin for 1.5 years. My question: is massage on my DVT leg safe? I ...experience that massage would ... "

" ...wondering if enough time has passed to give it a try again. It's been over 4 months. It does scare me but every little twinge still does that. I saw a hematologist a couple weeks ago and he said ma... "

" I'm 4.5 years post DVT (no coumadin), and I do get massages. ...been with have known what DVT is and ask appropriate questions, before and during the massage to make sure I'm comfortable.... "

" Did they put those air pump things on your legs to try to prevent DVT? I liked them at first because they felt like a leg massage, but they left them on... "

" ...and shoulder pain (too much computer time I think) and get massage which helps greatly. Is it safe to continue this or could warfarin introduce some other potential problems? I'm aghast... "

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" ...Coumadin? My clot is still present in thigh but I have been therapeutic for 3 months. I have gotten a variety of answers to this question from my different doctors. Of course I don't plan to have ... "

" ...her lungs,she was very lucky they caught it in time, she was in the hospital at the time. I was told that DVTs are common after a stroke because we become sedentery(not sure if that spelled wrong)... "

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" ...2 months ago and got a DVT from the fracture. I have been on coumadin since the fracture and will to get a massage on my ankle? My ...a little bit to get the swelling and circulatio... "

" ...gong crazy. I had a DVT on my left upper thigh diagnosed on 4/30, and i have been on Coumadin ever since I was ...yesterday, I have constant pain going from ...walking, hot tub, massage, but ... "

" ...that the intense massage messed around with ...later I was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and then I had two pulmonary embolisms for which I am on a life time of warfaren (cumadin) . 50% of... "

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