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Other names: Cyclophosphamide, Neosar
Method of use: Injection, Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
*Off Label
Cyclophosphamide (International Nonproprietary Name, trade names Endoxan, Cytoxan, Neosar, Procytox, '''Revimm...
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Cytoxan for Cancer
27,189 conversations around the web about Cytoxan to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Cytoxan and compared it to other Cancer medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Cytoxan cause Irritable Bladder ?

#80 in Cytoxan discussions - 24 posts discuss Irritable Bladder with Cytoxan. Irritable Bladder is #80 concern in Cytoxan discussions.
We found 24 discussions
" ...I had 2 UTIs during chemo. Second ...of the SEs of Cytoxin is bladder irritation. I, sure the diarrhea didn't help either. I finishe... "

" have a urinary tract infection? You ...had Taxotere & Cytoxan, not TCH; I didn't have any urinary discomfort during chemo. Cytoxan can cause bladder irritation, though (hemorrhagic cytitis... "

" ...Cytoxan is the generic name ...will provide info about cytoxan. Please take note of the side effects. I suffer from irritable bladder. David Emers... "

" ...cytoxan is bladder irritation. Aside from being well hydrated, which I was, no one could tell me what else might help prevent this. Also, one week out and my head is covered with itchy... "

" One of the possible side effects of cytoxan is bladder irritation. They recommend drinking a lot of fluids for at least the first 24 hrs. I hope it... "

" ...Cytoxan, the most important thing is you HAVE to drinks TONS of liquids the first 24-48 hours to flush it out of your bladder. My nurse told me I should be peeing once an hour. It can cause bladd... "

" Mary..I don't know what tx you are getting but they say either Taxatere or Cytoxan can cause bladder irritation. I had irritation but not blood. Just ached in the area. So it could be you have... "

" ...Taxotere & Cytoxan treatment today. Have one more in January, then on to the radiation schedule. A couple of new SE popped up this last week. One was my feet started itching suddenly, fortunately... "

" ...girls, the bladder irritation is a lot better today. I took the cytoxan in one dose this ...even though I took both compazine and zofran. But yet I am hungry, too. Heartburn. burping.... "

" ...During the 14 days of cytoxan pills I take Kytril everyday ...through the 14 days of cytoxan pills. In my case I ...the 3rd month and got a bladder irritation. I got sick of... "

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