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Other names: Liothyronine, Triostat
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Liothyronine sodium is the L-isomer of triiodothyronine (T3), a form of thyroid hormone used to treat hypothyroidism and myxedema coma...
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Cytomel for Hypothyroidism
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Does Cytomel cause Joint Pain ?

#17 in Cytomel discussions - 265 posts discuss Joint Pain with Cytomel. Joint Pain is #17 concern in Cytomel discussions.
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We found 265 discussions
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ing cytomel only gaining weight:-( I am terrified of a...
" ...only constipation depression Taking cytomel only gaining weight:-( I am terrified of adding synthroid to the cytomel which is what a new endocrinologist has suggested 75 mcgs synthroid to 50 mcgs... "

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symptoms. I then was put on 5 cytomel and 25 levo and that...
" ...down but not symptoms.  I then was put on 5 cytomel and 25 levo and that ...50 of levo and 5 cytomel twice daily.  I still have them.  one day my joints hurt, the next I fall... "

Post from
hip joint pain as well as the worsening of few other...
" ...after being on Levothyroxine and Cytomel post TT. I started with the most horrendious hip joint pain as well as the worsening of few other pre-existing... "

pain and generally moving, feel like I have the flu...
" TT on 8/11 Cytomel 25mcg since 8/19. Now I hurt all over... trouble walking, getting up, sleeping,tossing and turning and awakening every 2 hours or so with terrible muscle/joint pain and generally... "

Post from
oth once a day. My question is I was told I have arthritis...
" ...whack. I am currently taking Levothroid 137mcg and Cytomel 5mcg both once a day. My question is I was told I have arthritis in my knee. I ...there is a connection to joint pain and Graves but haven't... "

ist who put me on the cytomel and found me to be ser...
" much better now1 me: I can't lose weight, I'm tired all the time, I'm weepy, my joints hurt, my skin is dry, I'm retaining water and I would like to try cytomel. doc: your labs are fine, ...a... "

I had taken my synthyoid and cytomel about 2 hrs before...
" 1.9). I had taken my synthyoid and cytomel about 2 hrs before testing. ...going to test that. I'm not battling fatigue as badly, but it's ...feel chilled. I'm also having joint pain that is out of... "

der putting me on cytomel. I just don't know what to do...
" ...not low enough for anyone to consider cytomel. I had symptoms this time around joint pains very dry skin and feeling ...evidence to get any doctor to consider putting me on cytomel. I just don't... "

Post from
one problem, though, a lot of pain in my joints... hands,...
" ...are you taking the cytomel—once or twice a day or several? Thanks, Val, After starting 195 mgs. ferritin an few weeks ago, I have been feeling almost \" normal \" . It has been 7... "

So my doctor added Cytomel and that was like a miracle...
" ...had thinning hair and joint pain before I started Synthroid and the Synthroid at least got my ...the right place, however, I still felt drained of energy and depressed. So my doctor added Cytomel and... "

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