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Painful Sex

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Dyspareunia is painful sexual intercourse, due to medical or psychological causes. The symptom is reported almost exclusively by women...
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29,106 conversations around the web about Painful Sex to help you make a decision
29,106 conversations around the web about Painful Sex to help you make a decision
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Cystocele Repair & Painful Sex

We found 16 discussions
" ...repairs with mesh cause painful intercourse?? Hello Ladies!! I have ...problems with mesh, also had very painful intercourse. It only hurts where the cystocele repair was, and that is where... "

" ...I had the TVT along with a uterine suspension, cystocele repair, paravaginal repair, and some other repairs i can't think ...the surgery. I also experience pain with intercourse and i just feel... "

" dr. told me with cystocele repair you can tear the bladder ...create incontinace. With rectocele repair a lot of women have painful intercourse after repair, he chose to wait on that repair.... "

" Need cystocele repair Last month I went to the Dr. for my and we were both so distracted with my issues of painful sex (which has not resolved) that my cycstocele was sort... "

" ...procedure w/ cystocele repair I had TVT and cystocele repair done on May 6. ...and I am still experiencing ALOT of burning/stinging/prickling pain with intercourse....I have NEVER had this befor... "

" ...had a rectocele and cystocele repair with my abd. hyst ...any pain with it healing up and certainly no pain with intercourse because of it. But ...plenty of water, take a stool softener (don'... "

" painful sex 9 weeks post op LAVH, ...a LAVH with rectocele and cystocele repair. We have had sex a the last 2 weeks, and I am having quite a but of pain (not all the time), I'm still able ... "

" Okay I did some research online on vaginal cystocele repair and now I am convinced I am right that it will make my painful intercourse issues worse. If I understand... "

" ...had a rectocele repair and cystocele repair at the same time so ...extent of the problems with painful intercourse. I now don't have insurance ...for making repairs. I quit taking Premarin ov... "

" ...else getting a Rectocele/Cystocele Repair along with Hyst? I am going in to get a rectocele/cystocele repair and hysterectomy due to ...only worried about how painful sex may be afterwards (due... "

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