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Hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, is a condition in which an excessive amount of glucose circulates in the blood plasma. This ...
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Common Hyperglycemia treatments discussed around the web
Metformin 3,196 Lantus 1,110 Humalog 480
68,499 conversations around the web about Hyperglycemia to help you make a decision
68,499 conversations around the web about Hyperglycemia to help you make a decision
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Cyst & Hyperglycemia

We found 116 discussions
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" ...I have been told I have high blood pressure high cholesterol fatty liver cyst on my liver high blood sugars over the last 12 months does any one else have so many issues... "

" ...a friend that has a cyst that covers I have a ...seems to inflame when his blood sugars are high. He has been diabetic ...that should be checked? What can we do right now to help with the diz "

" ...levels My sugar levels are in the high range Have u got tested for PCOS?? Did they have u do an ultrasound to see if u... "

" ...some people with pcos have high glucose which affects other hormones. The ...overies to see how many cysts you have. You can improve... "

" ...not for acne but my blood sugar levels are a little high according to the blood test going well. However, my acne is only mild and I don't get cysts so often. (My thanks to spiro) I don't ... "

" ...for it? Most women have cysts without having PCOS, so you need blood ...women with PCOS sometimes have malfunction of blood sugar control system(elevated blood insulin). I would also... "

" ...that I wasn't having periods due to the high blood sugars I was having. Now that I have my diabetes under control and put on some more weight, it still hasn't ...possibility of a cyst. I haven't... "

" ...have an endicrinologist (thyroid cysts) and at my last appointment I asked her about my slightly elevated glucose levels on my last blood ...want her to have to become my diabetes doctor). She ... "

" ...of mine had ridiculously high blood sugars for a really ...a huge cyst on his ...mean completely. I get the feeling there indeed is a cure out there, but currently our knowledge of diabete... "

" ...emmalou. ive had numerous diabetic symptoms ranging from ...thirst to lumps and cysts. ive also had skin infections and spots that ...its usually because my sugars are high, they go when gluc... "

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