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Cyst Rupture

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3,532 conversations around the web about Cyst Rupture to help you make a decision
3,532 conversations around the web about Cyst Rupture to help you make a decision
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Cyst Rupture & Ultrasound

We found 531 discussions
" ...went through my first Clomid treatment and got a BFP however yesterday I had a cyst rupture at 5 weeks had an ultrasound that showed a irregular formed gestational sac. hen we had bleeding and now... "

" ...used to have either one cyst rupture, or a ...together then burst. I too was in the hospital because the Doctors kept thinking it was appendicitis until they did an internal ultrasound. I was ... "

" ...week and they said I wasn't pregnant (i had a cyst rupture and they did a painful ass ultrasound). I'm probably out this month... "

" ...I purchased online. I had a right ovarian cyst and had to go ...of other complications down there. I asked after my ultrasound did my cyst rupture. They told me I didnt have one. So it... "

" ...all came back normal. They diagnosed me because of my symptoms and my ultrasound (and had a cyst rupture one time). I'm just unsure if I really have PCOS if my other... "

" My orginal due date was March 21st and I had a cyst rupture and they did an ultrasound and they changed it to March 26th. i know its not much but it always is at the end of your... "

" I was on doctor prescribed clomid, 50mg. I O'ed the first round, but had a cyst rupture right before AF. Because I ...CD12 I had another cyst rupture and no O. Had an ultrasound last week, and t... "

" I had an ovarian cyst rupture about a week ago had an ultrasound which showed fluid in pelvic area and another cysts on right ovary about a centimeter and a half in size, I was put on birth... "

" ...cyst rupture history and January CT and ...cycles before, I guess they are back. I have wanted to try things but then the cost is just too much for a possible help. I know a few girls are... "

" ...pains. My dr and I decided on a full hysterectomy after I had an ovarian cyst rupture, and the ultrasound showed I had Adenomyosis. My uterus was the size of a cantaloupe. After reading up on... "

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