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Other Names: Duloxetine
Duloxetine (sold under the brand names Cymbalta, Ariclaim, Xeristar, Yentreve, Duzela) is a serotonin-no... Read more on Wikipedia

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By darcie
March 6, 2015
darcie wrote
Switching from Cymbalta to Low Dose Naltrexone
so, i don't have much of a story concerning this yet as i have not yet made the big switch.
i've been on cymbalta for 4 years and it helps me a little bit so i've stuck with it. but i gained a lot of weight on it and have trouble accessing my thoughts on it.
i'm wondering if anyone has made this switch before and, if so, how did it go?
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By Jackie
June 28, 2014
Jackie wrote
Cymbalta - Treatment for Crohn's Disease
I was on all kinds on meds for diagnosed Crohn's Disease, including Remicade (very very bad side effects,) and still taking imodium every day. My neurologist prescribed Cymbalta for nerve pain and I noticed within 2 weeks, my Crohn's symptoms were tremendously reduced. I stopped all Crohn's medications and for more than 3 years I have had to take imodium maybe 7 times. I don't know if Cymbalta will have same effect on everyone, but I definitely believe its worth a try. Mayo Clinic diagnosed my Crohns Disease and additional doctors since, but these past three years have been great!
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By softail
June 19, 2014
softail wrote
just learning up on some info.for my best friend thanks for being there ; )
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By Bobbie
March 27, 2014
Bobbie wrote
Carb Cravings on Cymbalta
I've been on 20 mg of Cymbalta for a year along with 100 mg Zoloft for depression and back pain. Although the Cymbalta as an addition makes me feel so much better.... The carb cravings are real and very strong. The thing is I felt so good I didn't worry too much till I gained an extra 10 unwanted pounds. I used to not care less about carbs or sweets..now it is very hard to ignore these cravings. Have weaned my self to 10 mg and the cravings have subsided enough where I feel they don't have control over me and I can use my will power. Definitely a challenge
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March 21, 2014
I find orgasm is easy to reach but i have to take the drug after having sex rather than before.
aksatas  |  February 14, 2015
Taking 2 - 75mg daily and have definitely not reached orgasm since doubling from 1 - 75mg daily several weeks ago. Can't really remember that last time.
Annie56  |  November 22, 2014
I have trouble reaching climax while on Lyrica. Also have major stomach/bowel issues when dose increased.
CountryCutie  |  October 16, 2014
Can't get an erection since starting Lyrica one year ago.
TomKat  |  July 28, 2014
well I am a lady and i find it hard, now to reach orgasm... its is frustrating and a lengthy process. I am on Lyrica 300 per day!
AllyKat  |  May 30, 2014
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By chiclets
March 18, 2014
chiclets wrote
Actavis generic vs. Teva generica (for Cymbalta)
I have been on Cymbalta now since 2008, and just recently (2-3 months ago) was switched to generic brand Teva (blue/green capsule). I took that at least 1 cycle then when I picked up my next prescription the pill was gray and white, which was the Actavis generic. I realize this could be different person to person, but while on the Actavis, I started feeling paranoid, anxious, and weepy...almost more off-balance than I did before I began the drug. I called the pharmacist and explained and they got me back on the other generic (Teva). So far so good.
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By reid4keeps
February 19, 2014
reid4keeps wrote
Cymbalta and palpitations
Like so many others, Cymbalta does not agree with me. My doctor prescribed it to decrease fibromyalgia pains. While it did help ease the pain, the side effects are very troublesome. First of all I have gained about 30 pounds over the past year, and frequent palpitations also started that sent me to a cardiologist. After extensive testing I was given the diagnosis of premature atrial contractions which resulted in me having to take a heart medication! I began to research Cymbalta finding that the very side effects that were not explained to me are those giving me misery. I have quit taking Cymbalta and the weight is beginning to come off, but I am very happy to report the palpitations are gone! I work with a lady who takes double the strength of Cymbalta that I was on and she has had no problems. It depends on the individual. I would encourage anyone who begins to have these side effects let your doctor know. It's just not worth it.
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By Songstylist
January 31, 2014
Songstylist wrote
Cymbalta and Prestiq
I use both Cymbalta and Prestiq for about 4 years now. It is the best combination of meds that works for me. I maxed out on Paxil, and Effexor when my doctor put me on Cymbalta 30 then 60 then 90. Cymbalta 90mg got rid of all of my symptoms of depression until about 4 years ago and it raised it's ugly head again. He then added Pristiq 50mg and then we upped it to 100mg as my depression was still not effectively controlled. I have done wonderfully, no need to change meds. Until my part D medicare decided it would no longer pay for the Pristiq. So I was put on Celexa 10mg, then increased the next month to 20mg. It has become obvious that not only does Celexa not work for me, I have had a 5 pound weight gain, find myself craving carbs, sleeping too much, no energy for activities, chewing my nails and cuticles. I called my MD's office yesterday and I have been switched back to Pristiq at 50mg to start. I am experiencing nausea but know that will pass in about a week. If your anti-depressant isn't working, please talk to your MD about Pristiq (and Cymbalta). . I live with chronic pain and cannot imagine what life would be without the Cymbalta for both pain and depression. Hope this helps someone out there. :)
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By Krisathome
September 11, 2013
Krisathome wrote
Cymbalta and palpitations
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