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Crohn's Disease

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(Crohn s disease)
Crohn's disease, also known as regional enteritis, is an inflammatory disease of the intestines that may affect any part of the ...
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Common Crohn's Disease treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 16,893 Remicade 15,286 Humira 11,989
289,126 conversations around the web about Crohn's Disease to help you make a decision
289,126 conversations around the web about Crohn's Disease to help you make a decision
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Crohn's Disease & Itchy Rash

0.2% of the posts that mention Itchy Rash also mention Crohn's Disease (34 posts)
Itchy Rash
Crohn's Disease
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Itchy Rash
We found 34 discussions
" ...had his second treatment on Dec 17. Aprox 10 days later he developed an itchy rash on his ...continue on the Remicade. The Remicade has already done wonders for him as far as his crohn's goes he... "

" ...22 yo son has had a very itchy rash all over his body for ...shampoo and detergent. Still has rash. He has crohns, so he takes the following: entocort, pentasa, canasa suppositories, along with ... "

" ...No meds helped. When I was DX with crohns I found out that an itchy rash on the legs was a symptom. When I started on remicade the rash disappeared and I .... I do have a rash on my arms now tha... "

" an indicator of Crohn's? Recently I went into what looked like a Crohn's like GI flare, so I was put on prednisone for about 3 months. of it, I got this horrible itchy rash on my b... "

" ...itchy rash on my face. My checks under my eyes, above my eyes. Like someone took a red marker and put some red dots some places. Under my jaw line itches bad. Thought it was dry skin but lotion (... "

" hear you've been diagnosed with Crohn's. Sounds like you are really ...risks to you with the crohn's so your doctor would know ...Also caused me to have a itchy rash. Make sure there is... "

" ...remicade and she asked me \"whats that\"!!!! i told her and she has given me a steriod (Prednisolone) which i have to take 8 tablets 3 times a day for 3 days what im concerned about is could this... "

" ...forgot to mention that I haven't had rashes in the past, but I do currently have a small, mildly itchy rash on my forearm. It ...said it isn't a Crohn's-related rash. I've not had... "

" ...diabetes with my last pregnancy and a horrible itchy rash(which I now suspect is from crohns... it came back...)which was treated with prednisone 30-40mg daily ...the diabetes under control. Pre... "

" ...had a reaction to Humira after my second dose (2 injections). I have a extremely itchy rash all over my body, ...since I also had reactions to Remicade ( rash and keep the Crohn's unde... "

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