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epileptic seizure, occasionally referred to as a fit, is defined as a transient symptom of "abnormal excessive or synchronous ne...
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Common Seizures treatments discussed around the web
Keppra 27,196 Lamictal 19,358 Topamax 13,622
703,393 conversations around the web about Seizures to help you make a decision
703,393 conversations around the web about Seizures to help you make a decision
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Craniotomy & Seizures

We found 776 discussions
" ...from hospital today after having hs 2nd craniotomy on 1st June. ...likely) Having seizures... "

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" ...right frontal temporal lobe craniotomy 3 months ago. It has so far rid of my seizures, yet the kicker is ...say whether my seizures will come back ...with hormones triggering seizures in pr... "

" Hi I use Klonipin for my seizures, problems with memory loss, headaches ...I went in for a craniotomy. This is a very potent ...This was used for my seizure disorder and has severe side... "

" ...completely successful craniotomy to remove avm in my right front lobe, I had one seizure. My doctor informed me that I'd be on anti-epileptic drugs for my whole life (specifically lamotrigine /... "

" ...5 hours intermittently. He was left with left sided paralysis as well as cognitive deficits after that. The seizure signified recurrence and he recovered well after his second op. He continued... "

" ...For me it works. I've been taking meds for 17 years now, to avoid seizures, 15 and a half prior to the massive bleeding which occurred to me, the rest since. it has not work perfectly before, but n... "

" ...Has I Am Allergic To It. I Have A AVM Plus 3 Aneurysms I Am Due To Have A Craniotomy On The 2nd December This Year. At Kings In London. Has For The KEPPRA It Has Changed My Moods And I Cant... "

" ...and elected for a craniotomy since the doctor said ...All worked out well, except I was left with seizures (epileptic) which we have been able to control using Dilantin and Lamictal. All in all ... "

" ...about your age, had a very small post-surgical seizure and was prescribed dilantin for 6 months. About 4 months after coming off, she had a grand mal and is now back on dilantin for a year.... "

" ...Rick...I had my first seizure 2 years after my craniotomy. I've beeen on the generic brand of Keppra since my cran. prescribed, I don't have seizures. I don't know ...if I just don't ha... "

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