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(Muscle Cramp)
Cramps are unpleasant, often painful sensations caused by muscle contraction or over shortening. Common causes of skeletal muscle cram...
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Common Cramping treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 17,375 Ibuprofen 17,041 Advil 11,180
2,873,608 conversations around the web about Cramping to help you make a decision
2,873,608 conversations around the web about Cramping to help you make a decision
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Cramping & tired

6.14% of the posts that mention Cramping also mention tired (176,385 posts)
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We found 176,416 discussions
" if you feel cramping or want to relieve fatigue in the muscle its a better idea to shake out the muscle or... "

" ...then started supplementing additional magnesium and cramps completely disappeared, I also feel less fatigued exercising and in general. Albion has some very good articles on magnesium and... "

" ...track. What exercises can I perform and help me through fatigue, headaches and relieves cramps? Also what foods should I avoid to keep from bloating or what foods help when I'm all bloated up? And... "

" ...water which is the reason behind the swelling. Being fatigued and having cramps can also be caused by birth control. All side effects of birth control should go away within the... "

" ...Motivation Good, I'm very crampy this month and struggling ...less hungry than usual. Despite the tiredness and the cramping I feel in control and happy to keep going. Weight this morning... "

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" ...wife has been having more problems cramping and although the ...definaitely help, they make her very t... "

" my BFP on Wednesday - the cramping was out of control the week before that and even till today. I'm very tired at... "

" help you feel less fatigued. My girlfriend suffers from horrible cramps and she takes Adderall and Vicodin/Oxys during her time of the month. Adderall in the mornin... "

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" increase in cramping and spacitity. They ...combined calcium/D3 with magnesium plus combined L- carnitine and ALA and the cramps have almost gone and spacitity much reduced. Also daily fatigu... "

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" ...same schedule! I was also having cramping and a potassium supplement took care of it. I am also taking magnesium (I'm a runner and haven't quit that). I am more fatigued than at... "

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