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(Muscle Cramp)
Cramps are unpleasant, often painful sensations caused by muscle contraction or over shortening. Common causes of skeletal muscle cram...
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Common Cramping treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 17,341 Ibuprofen 17,008 Advil 11,162
2,867,485 conversations around the web about Cramping to help you make a decision
2,867,485 conversations around the web about Cramping to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Cramping

Cramping & Low platelets

0.43% of the posts that mention Low platelets also mention Cramping (78 posts)
Low platelets
We found 78 discussions
" 38 weeks today! Holding steady with my low platelets and looking at a possible VBAC despite all the ...internal today and have had some cramping and bloody show since so... "

" ...get a epidural, ( I have low platelets). But good luck to you! ...I said try an exercise ball. It made me have horrible cramps that night I did it but I dilated very... "

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" I had bad cramping in my feet and legs. ...not sure if it was a)low platelets, b)low potassium or c)being on prednisone or a combination of ...leap out of bed with cramps at the same time. An... "

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" more cramping.. I'm having ...suggestions?? Thanks!i had expierenced excessive menstrual bleeding for about ...they told me the cause of that was thrombocytopenia. They basicall... "

" ...a baby I used to bruise very easily and the doctors said my platelet count was low. I started suffering from severe cramps and heavy bleeding since I was about 18. About 3 years ago my... "

" ...cramps through the first trimester due to a cyst that's finally gone, hospitalized for severe dehydration while at Disney, and now I have to be on blood thinners bc I platelet count is low... "

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" ...occasionally have cramps and need feelings too. the cause from low platelets. Very happy to hear ...only one in my doctors office getting Kadcyla and this support group has been a gre... "

" ...history of fatigue ,bone pain ,muscle cramps, ecchymotic patches on his body,on ...n his blod examination has leucopaenia ,thrombocytopaenia.ultra sound showed increase in the... "

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" ...a great update to give. Found out I have low platelets and have to be monitored every 2 weeks for now. I'm very crampy and have a lot of pressure \"there\". I just... "

" ...and it was constant the whole time. I had such low platelets, my blood was thin and ran forever. What a ...heavy and lots of horrible cramping. Then it starts to ease... "

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