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(Muscle Cramp)
Cramps are unpleasant, often painful sensations caused by muscle contraction or over shortening. Common causes of skeletal muscle cram...
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Common Cramping treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 17,373 Ibuprofen 17,036 Advil 11,172
2,871,804 conversations around the web about Cramping to help you make a decision
2,871,804 conversations around the web about Cramping to help you make a decision
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Cramping & Hernia

0.77% of the posts that mention Hernia also mention Cramping (1,772 posts)
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We found 1,772 discussions
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" ...have a big hernia above my belly button, so I kinda put my issues down to discomfort from that. I came down with a terrible cold and my doctor put me on antibiotics and... "

" ...for a Sunday drive and ended up looking for a waterfall that we never found. Needless to say, we were on a gravel somewhat bumpy road. Even going slow and easy, I was in misery by the time we got t... "

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" the afternoon if i dont pass stools in the morning i have lot of gas cramping vomiting i have a hiataus hernia and then i have to wait for a long time to pass stools... "

" ...after a big episode of cramping. Long story short I had a hernia diagnosis and subsequent surgery but am still having the cramps more so than ever. Concentrated... "

" good and now awful. I feel almost as bad as the day I came home form the hospital. I am going to call my dr and see if they will give me more pain meds. I don't know if they will. Has anyone els... "

" ...suffered a minor hernia.. ...doc.. I think I'd like an MRI, or would like to see an ortho..\" \"no no, no need, take motrin.. cramp cramp..\" \"so I have had a 4 year long cramp? what ab... "

" ...isolation moves, but can't/won't do deads anymore. On a seperate note, since my hernia surgery I get BAD cramps on my lower left side when I strain my core. Ab isolation or... "

" ...small hernia at the top of the incision roughly in the line of the discomfort too. I plan on getting that fixed ASAP after my last cycle this week. (Last scan showed no evidence of active disease... "

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" told not getting your periods from this is garbage. I am getting pretty bad cramping, but I have two groin hernias so I ave just been ptting it down to this. Does anyone knoe... "

" ...button. Do I have a hernia? Help please Everytime I touch it i feel some pain. This is the ...feeling when you get calf cramps but in... "

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