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Coughing Up Blood

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Hemoptysis or haemoptysis is the expectoration (coughing up) of blood or of blood-stained sputum from the bronchi, larynx, vert...
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17,493 conversations around the web about Coughing Up Blood to help you make a decision
17,493 conversations around the web about Coughing Up Blood to help you make a decision
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Coughing Up Blood & Stomach Ulcers

0.25% of the posts that mention Coughing Up Blood also mention Stomach Ulcers (43 posts)
Coughing Up Blood
Stomach Ulcers
We found 43 discussions
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" ...loss can get dangerous. My brother was coughing up blood, he had a stomach ulcer, he could've died, so tel... "

" ...ago i went to te ER i could not breath, and i was coughing blood, i ended up having a stomach ulcer, nemonia, and some liver infection. i dont know how this was coused, but... "

" ...on believing I had pneumonia all the time. ...was 23 while I was still coughing up blood. It was only a ...said it must be a gastric ulcer and put me on Nexium...there was nothing else he cou... "

" ...him. He's not worth it! By the way, my friend was coughing up blood once and it turned out to be a stomach ulcer. Not saying that's what you've got, but you should... "

" ...time told me they had stomach ulcers, they are 22yrs, this person believe. he said he's spitting up blood, sharp pains in stomach, can't ...this sound like a stomach ulcer, are they thi... "

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" ...sick , throwing up / coughing up blood, also coming out the other ...tests and what not, I figured at first it was my bleeding stomach ulcer, but, the doctors haven't said... "

" ...years old and I have CF. I have put myself The problem is I am coughing up blood after being sick for about ...abdomen pain. I have had stomach ulcers but it was 6 years... "

" ...20 times. Due to gall bladder problems chest pain stomach ulcer spitting up blood schizophrenia tore stomach lining breathing problems ect... I'm getting... "

" ...developed this disease. He suffered from horrendous nose bleeds and was also coughing up blood due to a bleeding stomach ulcer which was diagnosed upon hospital... "

" ...vomiting and/ or coughing up blood could be the sign of stomach ulcer. With lung cancer ...a chance that stomach ulcer bursts, causing internal ...inhibitors' such as pantoprazole which preve... "

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