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cough ( Latin: tussis) is a sudden and often repetitively occurring reflex which helps to clear the large breathing passages fro...
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Common Cough treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 13,607 Cough Syrup 12,190 Codeine 8,790
1,783,096 conversations around the web about Cough to help you make a decision
1,783,096 conversations around the web about Cough to help you make a decision
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Cough & Tracheostomy

We found 333 discussions
" ...flat out having been up most of the night. He was awful, he is coughing up green & blood stained secretions (via the tracheostomy - so we can luckily suction him out) but its just horrible My... "

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" coughing with a trach Last night I had a coughing fit just out of the ...keep the plug in the trach tube or does it matter. Is ...can do when these weird coughing spells start? Currently I am... "

" ...some - because you are just sore in general - ...thing exercise I had to do and cough. It is to make Because of the trach tube they use and the anesthesia - I had pneumonia for ... "

" ...have a cough? I often found that when Sam had been coughing he got bloody secretions. this is due to the trach tube moving up and down in the trachea when the child coughs and damaging blood... "

" ...trach too. She was having lots of coughing and choking, as I mentioned in my first post above. Actually, right after the tracheostomy the chosen trach rubbed so much against the back... "

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" Unfortunately, a tracheostomy is inevitable. the diaphragnm is able to mobilize secretions on his own. His cough would be far too weak. This would result in retained secretions, lower oxygen... "

" ...the diagnosis, but Sam has coughed his whole life. When he ...though, he always used to cough when we did the daily gently and we have a lot less coughing. also you have to... "

" ...took me some time too after I had the tracheostomy removed to get used to eating again as I had trouble with coughing, nausea especially as the tracheostomy hole did not close up by itself. I am... "

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" ...20min. later having a trach tube inserted today is 2/10/2009 ...sleep and still have cough,after 5 months . i ...feet entire body swollen,having heart problem now 45 yrs... "

" a site for a tracheostomy medical device, no yick factor, speak easily with his tracheostomy. It's just a little plastic ...avoid what happened next. He has a strong cough (a good th... "

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