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cough ( Latin: tussis) is a sudden and often repetitively occurring reflex which helps to clear the large breathing passages fro...
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Common Cough treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 13,672 Cough Syrup 12,368 Codeine 8,975
1,792,434 conversations around the web about Cough to help you make a decision
1,792,434 conversations around the web about Cough to help you make a decision
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Cough & Pain Behind Eyes

1.88% of the posts that mention Pain Behind Eyes also mention Cough (25 posts)
Pain Behind Eyes
We found 25 discussions
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" ...I also get pain behind my right eye soemtimes and ...temple. I have had a cough and off and on nasal congestion and light headedness. I have taken sidafed advanced and tylenol ultra but nothing... "

" ...I am so worried that I have a tumour as well; everytime I cough I feel a sharp pain behind my right eye, and overall my head has just been hurting off and on over the course of the last week. I am... "

" Lisinopril Sinus, cough I've been taking Lisinopril 5mg ...about 2 months. I have a minor cough now and then but that ...-- and yesterday a sharp pain behind my right eye about every hour. N... "

" Pain behind the eyes. Taking mucinex and antibiotics. Need stronger medication ...Behind my eyes worse when cough just completed round of antibiotics . And also taking 1200 mg mucinex there was alo... "

" ...wrong. I started having terrible pounding headaches for about 6 ...photosensitivity, problems with passing out, pain behind my right eye, fatigue, I have developed a bad cough, and now I am h... "

Post from
" ...went to pcp because my cough started with pain behind eyes,takin antibiotics- so happy to not... "

" Usually I am out of fever in a ...have fever. Running nose, cough, sneezing and pain behind eyes and in joints. Lovely ...nothing. Random Thoughts I hate being sick. Particularly t... "

Post from
" ...Coughing, sore throat and pain behind eyes Start new thread in ...consult your GP. Coughing, sore throat and pain behind eyes Ah bl... "

Post from
" ...Chest; Cardio; Posing I've got the flu...and it's hitting hard: congestion, coughing, pain behind the eyes [not perpetual tho], tender/sore skin...It... "

Post from
" ...and prolonged bouts of forceful coughing or vomiting. Internal carotid artery ...unilateral Horner's syndrome and ipsilateral retro-orbital pai... "

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