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cough ( Latin: tussis) is a sudden and often repetitively occurring reflex which helps to clear the large breathing passages fro...
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Common Cough treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 13,670 Cough Syrup 12,364 Codeine 8,974
1,791,996 conversations around the web about Cough to help you make a decision
1,791,996 conversations around the web about Cough to help you make a decision
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Cough & Hypothyroidism

0.25% of the posts that mention Hypothyroidism also mention Cough (996 posts)
We found 996 discussions
" ...I have been taking Eltroxin and Wysolone for Hypothyroidism and adreno-cortical deficiency, ~ 189-200 level.I am suffering from cough and cold. Can you suggest a suitable expectorant/cough... "

" My son has hypothyroidism and takes synthroid, has labs q My son has hypothyroidism and takes synthroid, has labs q 3 months and are good. He has developed an ...I believe he has a little cough pr... "

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" ...thyroid function? I have hypo thyroidism and take levothyroxine but have recently been put on prednisone for asthma . I'm feeling very anxious and shaky. I can't stop coughing and feel very... "

" I have had an annoying cough for a few ...year old female. I have an underactive thyroid that is being controlled by medication. 5'5\" 192# (have managed to lose 17 pounds over th... "

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" with hypothyroidism - ABC Homeopathy Forum ...61 yr old female DX with hypothyroidism, TX is 50 mg levothyroxine per day. I've never ...and can't stop, have a tickly cough, and nose just... "

" I have been treating hypothyroid and just lately with cytomel. Just one week now.... ...question is: I have developed this horrible cough in the last 3 ...calcium and a bad cough??? Thanks for... "

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" ...and presently on cytomel until 1/11/08. So when you stop taking the cytomel long long did it take before you started feeling those hypo symptoms? How long ...give? I have had a cough since 10... "

" ...hypo thyroid but ...Pred so maybe I could ask to increase this. See you for a chat tommorrow. I could ask GP to do clotting test, as its cheap, I did get a Anti Thyroid Antibody check before la... "

" ...200 lbs. I am having cough since three months. ...its all clear. I am having hypothyroid which is in control and also high blood pressure and am using causing the cough and also wheneve... "

" ...I'm having increased noticeable palpitations. I'm sure some of you know that palpitations can cause coughing. Can anyone tell me if this means I am not going to be a good candidate for generic?... "

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