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cough ( Latin: tussis) is a sudden and often repetitively occurring reflex which helps to clear the large breathing passages fro...
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Common Cough treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 13,671 Cough Syrup 12,366 Codeine 8,974
1,792,061 conversations around the web about Cough to help you make a decision
1,792,061 conversations around the web about Cough to help you make a decision
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Cough & Coconut Oil

We found 744 discussions
" ...LO had a cough from his cold, I mixed coconut oil with tea tree ...Vicks vapor-rub. The cough w... "

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" ...a cough for the first ...I tried the virgin coconut oil to take my riba in the morning and my co... "

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" ...down with a bad cough yesterday. I gave her this mixture two times and her cough is soo much better! FYI, I used ...carrington farms... "

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" My cough disappeared immediately within days of taking Tarceva. I use coconut oil to moisturize my face, petroleum... "

" The only thing that helps my cough is virgin coconut oil. I put the jar in hot water so it... "

" ...Recovery: Water Sitting around Jasmine tea coconut oil raw honey (tons of this) Controlled ...sore throat and a cough. I heard gargling... "

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" ...has a cold and a hard dry cough ...for her cough since honey is a \"no-no\" until she turns one? Would coconut oil help with the coug... "

" ...1 tbsp of virgin coconut oil on a daily basis. So far, my body's resistance to cough, colds, flu and all is sneezing or coughing due to commo... "

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" ...3 and ive had bronchitis for about 3 ...and i swear its gone already coughing up chunks of nasty can ...for this info!!! using ... "

" ...his first cold and his cough seriously went away over night! ...used was a tablespoon of coconut oil and 2 drops of tea... "

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