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Costochondritis is a benign inflammation of the costal cartilage, which is a length of cartilage which connects each rib, except the e...
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15,285 conversations around the web about Costochondritis to help you make a decision
15,285 conversations around the web about Costochondritis to help you make a decision
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Costochondritis & MRI

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" My breasts are dense and costochondritis prevents the use of mamaograms so I had an MRI. They ...My core biopsy was yesterday so I'm waiting for results and making myself sick with wor... "

" ...severe pain when breatheing, an mri showed i had costochondritis-pa of the chest, also a ...get your rheumy to do mri etc, hope all goes... "

" ...moves around to encompass the whole section. Definitely, \"wrap-around\". My doc said costochondritis, but I have never had an MRI or anything to check thoracic area. Thanks for... "

" anti-inflammatory for my costochondritis. Will taking these anti-inflamms hide/mask anything on my eventual spinal MRI? I'd rather wait to... "

" ...Have you been diagnosed with MS? I have had costochondritis for a year now with not much relief. Many ...ago I was given an MRI looking for MS, were not... "

" ...away. My husband was diagnosis with costochondritis and was prescribe naprosyn three months later he began to feel numbness from the pain down ...bottom of his feet. MRI prove a spinal... "

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" Hey Cara, I have costochondritis which was diagnosed post-CIDP. My ...x-ray but never an additional MRI. Have they said what treatment ...for yours??? I take Naproxen/Naprosyn and tha... "

" worst. I was diagnosed with Costochondritis which goes hand in hand my Rheumatologist he feels the rib pain and stiffness and problems awaiting a full spine MRI (after 15 years... "

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" ...vertebrae fusing together. I have significant spinal pain from neck to SI joints, and have had several bouts of costochondritis. While I have not been ...a.s. form, x-rays and mri's of my spin... "

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" Comment on rib pain. I too have costochondritis or tietze syndrome. They are the same. My FDR he thought I had costochondritis but the only way to ...sure was to have an MRI. I did an ... "

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