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Costochondritis is a benign inflammation of the costal cartilage, which is a length of cartilage which connects each rib, except the e...
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15,305 conversations around the web about Costochondritis to help you make a decision
15,305 conversations around the web about Costochondritis to help you make a decision
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Costochondritis & Depression

1.89% of the posts that mention Costochondritis also mention Depression (290 posts)
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" ...great! Hi girls, I'm kinda depressed right now. Just got back ...3 hr, I'm Borderline anemic so I have to take iron pills, and I have costochondritis in my ribs which is... "

" I have costochondritis(Tietz's Syndrome) I wouldn't wish it on anyone one, at the same time I'm ...side. There was sharp pain in my back. I was depressed I didn't know what was going on. I cough... "

" ...the same boat, got \"diagnosed\" with costochondritis a year and a half ...six months because the pain has been so serious im seriously losing weight and depressed too. if this **** is... "

" ...completely understand how you feel as I'm dealing with Costochondritis right now. I'm not able to stay on the awhile due to my own depression but you are with a... "

" I've been suffering from tietze's syndrome for around 10yrs. It has made me depressed as doctors say there's nothing they can do about it and load me up with painkillers that... "

" ...had Costochondritis ...take Savella or any of the other drugs because of the side effects. If I can continue to feel this good, I will be so relieved. Living with this on a daily basis can be so... "

" ...not the heart or lungs. I too got diagnosed with costochondritis in november and i still have it. on thurs ...understand the pain, anxiety, and depression you are going through. It... "

" ...John, I struggled with some depression at the beginning of all ...Chest pain as one of my first symptoms. He said that it was costochondritis. What were your first sx's and what sx's do... "

" ...i experienced was chostochondritis depression ...depression on. i got educated about the disease with the right information and the wonderful people on this site and am living life. ... "

" ...3 steroid injections into my ribs for costochondritis back in 2004. I developed ...face blew up, I had the buffalo hump, gained a lot of weight and was extremely depressed. I would say it took... "

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