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hydrocele (non-US English: hydrocoele) denotes a pathology accumulation of serous fluid in a body cavity. It can also be noted a...
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5,120 conversations around the web about Hydrocele to help you make a decision
5,120 conversations around the web about Hydrocele to help you make a decision
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Cost & Hydrocele

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" ...consult for hydrocele treatment ? Dr. plz reply whether i sud go for urology or surgeon for... "

" Doctor, I am 20 years old boy. four years ago I suffered from hydrocele of right side testis and then it causes atrophy. ...for that? Please help me. What will be the cost for the... "

" Hi Hydrocele has to be operated.There is ...of medicines for 7 years long hydrocele. If the surgery is done we deal with the hydrocele sac by excising it. The... "

" ...age 65 from Chennai has hydrocele for four years. In additionally, ...tablet twice daily. He has to undergo hydrocele surgery, Could you please suggest know the apprx. cost of surgery. ... "

" ...Father of age 65, facing hydrocele problem Hi Doctor, My Father of age 65, facing hydrocele problem for last four years. ...twice daily. He has to undergo hydrocele surgery, Could you please... "

" 36 year old having hydrocele. Pain and swelling. Concerned about the surgery complications ...I am 36 and having hydrocele for last 7 years but ...would like to understand the cost and for how l... "

" ...3,5 years. He's diagnosed with hydrocele/harnia. That's when a watery avoid by any cost the surgery. Is there any alternative treatment that could help without having to do the surgery?!... "

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" hydrocele procedure/surgery I have been told ...a Dr. that I have a hydrocele, but have had no insurance. ...20%). What (approx) is the cost for the procedure (to drain?)... "

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" ...ds was a couple of weeks old he had a hydrocele on his testicle. I took him to the gp ...secretary & we were seen the following morning. it cost about E100 - best money we ever spent. A&E... "

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" Hydrocele surgery- 8 months later testicle ...50% bigger I had a Hydrocele surgery performed in January on the urologist due to cost, so is there another... "

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