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Radiculopathy is not a specific condition, but rather a description of a problem in which one or more nerves are affected and do not w...
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5,610 conversations around the web about Radiculopathy to help you make a decision
5,610 conversations around the web about Radiculopathy to help you make a decision
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Cortisone & Radiculopathy

We found 32 discussions
" --your have a radiculopathy--a category of neuropathy that involves ...otherwise it's unlikely anyone would be recommending a SPINAL cortisone injection. Do you know at what spinal level they... "

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" Cortisone injections are sometimes useful for pain control and inflammation. That being said, they ...back pain, disc problems, sciatica, radiculopathy, etc. Antonio Marotta, D.C.... "

" My problem was radiculopathy. I also had some of the symptoms you said ...into the epidural space. We called that injection a cortisone shock. I've heard that 30% to 70% of people... "

" ...I have multiple bulging discs in my back and ...are pinching on a nerve.{Lumbarsacrol radiculopathy} I have tried everyrhing from ...and he gave me a cortisone injection. But I still wo... "

" I too had to have surgery for my sciatica/radiculopathy but for years before I tried, acupuncture, regular PT, cortisone shots (pain management doc), orthopedic manual therapy, inversion table,... "

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" ...I did just get a cervical cortisone injection at C5/C6 on Tuesday ...He said if that makes the radiculopathy better then he would assume ...nerve pain is related to my herniated disc. Do you... "

" ...a bit), a radiculopathy that keeps acting ...and have had cortisone, nerve blocks and it with my lupus... I've been on Cellcept now for the last 3 months and doing VERY WELL consideri... "

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" ...disc disease, bursitis, herniated disc, radiculopathy, sciatica, and the list goes ...back. I have another cortisone injection in my spine ...Jennifer Kent, and my back pain is finally manag... "

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" Quote: So, I'm still treating this patient . only minimal improvement and IT'S BEEN 3 MONTHS!!. Radiculopathy and red flags ruled out. ...doc gave her a cortisone shot. That did nothing,... "

" ...having this problem! I had bilateral radiculopathy that started about 5 years ago. I, too, have had cortisone shots, ESI's (Epedural steroid injections),... "

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