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Cortisone + Menopause

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Ask a question
320 conversations around the web about Cortisone + Menopause to help you make a decision
320 conversations around the web about Cortisone + Menopause to help you make a decision
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Cortisone & Menopause

We found 320 discussions
" ...sweating are caused be the cortisone or whatever steroid that was ...steroids give me more hot flashes... "

" menopause for 2 solid years. Had a cortisone shot in my elbow and now I have a period again.... "

" ...stopped as I headed toward menopause. I found that hemorrhoid cream ...shark oil) stopped the itching. Cortisone cream was even more effective, ...that as regular use of cortisone cream can w... "

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" ...Maureen Hang in there...Well the menopause theory has me intrigued. 10 ...PT 3X a week, 2 cortisone injections and a manipulation. Still ...up every night but pain is better th... "

" possible I'm beginning menopause or a coincidence that ...bleeding 2 wks after a Cortisone inj.? I started cortisone injections (for bulging discs in ...they dont believe the cortisone is ... "

" I have sore boobs usually in the two weeks prior to when ...period is due. I thought it might be a menopause thing as it started after I had an endometrial ...of T3 and 30mg of cortisone.... "

" ...not give you that much cortisone to cause these troubles. Menopause causing it, sounds more probable. ...a good idea. You have already covered bacterial & protozoal vaginitis. Good... "

" ...too have extremely dry skin lily. It's gotten worse since menopause started. I use Vichy helps somewhat. I tried that Gold Bond medicated cream for dry ...cream that has cortisone it... "

" ...for 10 days for my tennis elbow. Gained 7 lbs that ...months to lose 8 lbs (this was when my menopause was really kicking in), and I gained 7 of ...I had to get a cortisone shot at my followu... "

" I have add itchy rashes on my lips, ...back on and off for months. The doctor gave me anti histamine and cortisone cream and I've been trying all kinds of natural ...researching this is a peri-... "

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