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Lymphedema (lymphoedema in British English), also known as lymphatic obstruction, is a condition of localized fluid retention an...
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54,530 conversations around the web about Lymphedema to help you make a decision
54,530 conversations around the web about Lymphedema to help you make a decision
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Cortisone & Lymphedema

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don roof
lymphedema and cortisone
I have lymphedema in my legs. Nothing that was done to me medically helped reduce the swelling including diuretics.
In an unrelated issue, I needed a steroid injection in my shoulder in January. I noticed that the swelling in my legs decreased overnight. Not a great deal but noticeable. The swelling stayed down for a few days but returned in a week or so. In that period I asked different doctors if the steroids could have done that. The answer was almost universally "no" except for my primary care doc who said it was possible - no more than that - just "possible."

In April I was hospitalized for a heart attack and pneumonia and I was given predizone while I was in the hospital for 4 days. During those 4 days, I lost 30 pounds and with it the swelling in my legs. I attributed the loss of fluid to the steroids since it was my second example of swelling going down after steroid therapy.

Again - nobody accepted that conclusion and simply said that steroids have the opposite effect and cause you to gain weight. The weight stayed off for about 5 months and now has come back along with the swelling in my legs. I wear compression socks - knee high - but they don't seem to help much.

I wonder if anyone else with lymphedema has been helped with steroids.

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" ...week of my life, I am suffering from tendonitis in my shoulder. I just endured cortisone shots this morning which are ...arm with the threat of lymphedema always there. They figure that... "

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" Lymphedema Has anyone had lymphedema affect their hand but had no noticeable swelling in ...fingers and a surgeon I saw today suggested a cortisone shot despite the fact I told him I don't... "

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