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Leg Numbness

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Ask a question
(Numbness in leg)
7,271 conversations around the web about Leg Numbness to help you make a decision
7,271 conversations around the web about Leg Numbness to help you make a decision
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Cortisone & Leg Numbness

We found 40 discussions
" Had a cortisone shot for bursitis today and now am expierencing numbness in my leg and foot (footdrop) and can... "

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" has been diagnosed with bursitis and has many ...But although her top of her leg is numb, her skin itches terribly on her thigh. something besides bursitis ? Cortisone shot helped ... "

" I had a cortisone shot 4 weeks ago directly ...ever. Now my butt is very tender, I have numbness in my leg and pain that radiates on my buttock and up ...this before I got the cortisone... "

" ...I had my first cortisone shot/epidural today. I have ...caused a pinched nerve/permanent numbness in leg and foot. I have had the pain for almost 20 years with the last five getting worse. I w... "

" ...I had a cortisone shot into my leg went completely numb and crumbled ...some improvement. I never had numbness in my leg to start off with, I've never experienced numbness in my leg. ... "

" ...lumbar block under xray (cortisone placed via needle into ...and I had increased pain and got screaming. I had leg numbness for months and had just gotten some leg weakness, but had ... "

" ...spine MRI done because of numbness in my leg and lower back & hip ...gave me some anti-inflammatories & cortisone pack. The pain/numbness hasn't gone away & now I'm having numbness in the anal a... "

" ...2 years I have had tingling and numbness in my legs. Over this period of time, ...unconventional. Water therapy helped control the pain a few years ...I havnet tried is cortisone injections... "

" Leg Numbness I had spine surgery about ...the fusion didn't take. I am now having numbness in my upper left ...more surgery that will help? Cortisone shots do absolutely nothing for... "

" I just had the cortisone epidural 2 days ago. I ...was over in practically 3 minutes. I have had leg numbness and butt pain for over 6 weeks. All I ...almost 2 weeks! Maybe the cortisone will ki... "

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