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Breathing Problems

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(Respiratory disorder)
Respiratory disease is a medical term that encompasses pathology conditions affecting the organs and tissues that make gas exchange po...
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Common Breathing Problems treatments discussed around the web
Albuterol 1,039 Ventolin 313 Proventil 23
102,458 conversations around the web about Breathing Problems to help you make a decision
102,458 conversations around the web about Breathing Problems to help you make a decision
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Cortisone & Breathing Problems

We found 78 discussions
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" have quite severe asthma so ...causes the breathing issues. I definitely cannot handle heat well though. I'm currently on Spiriva, cortisone, singulair, Salbutamol,... "

" fair share of cortisone for asthma and other respiratory problems (I assume that's what makes my anxiety and depression ten times worse!! It also worsens my insomnia and makes me... "

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" Steroid Therapy-cortisone ,prednisone etc... I just came ...a round of Prednisone for respiratory problems , while on it i ...a 90% difference in my pain , for the good!I... "

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" Sorry to hear about your breathing problems Adam and that you have ...are also other more effective cortisone sprays that could still be ...will get helped with your breathing problems, but try ... "

" ...allergic reaction (breathing problems) immediately after my one and only Humira injection, so I never took it again. However, I didn't have an injection site reaction until a full two weeks... "

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" DD has a mild nut allergy, she gets a skin ...Thankfully she has never had breathing problems, but has once had a ...burnging. Luckily I had a cortisone tablet with me (we were... "

" ...husband went paralyzed in one leg ...ability to talk. He has been treated with immuran, plasmapheresis, cortisone.... he almost lost his life from respiratory issues but managed to pull through... "

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" reports, the man suffered breathing problems and had to be rushed to a hospital, where he was treated with cortisone injections. He was later released. The anaphylactic shock was... "

" ...much). I just bought some hydro-cortisone cream (mostly to use around ...lot. I have only given him benadryl once when his face ...thought he would soon have breathing problems). I too wo... "

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" ...When i get shots of cortisone for spinal stenosis, i go 20 days continuously for breathing issues, i go onto lasix every ...may need help during the cortisone, or the prednisone, you ne... "

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