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Peripheral Neuropathy

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(Neuropathy peripheral)
Peripheral neuropathy is the term for damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which may be caused either by diseases of or ...
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Common Peripheral Neuropathy treatments discussed around the web
Neurontin 1,277 Lyrica 1,082 Gabapentin 961
31,083 conversations around the web about Peripheral Neuropathy to help you make a decision
31,083 conversations around the web about Peripheral Neuropathy to help you make a decision
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Cortisol & Peripheral Neuropathy

We found 48 discussions
" ...for B12, folate and ferriting deficiency your folate levels are really low and your b12 midrange when my levels of both were the same as yours I had similar smptoms of peripheral neuropathy, hair... "

" ...TSH 14.39 (0.34-5.60) Morning cortisol saliva 13.2 (3.7-8.5) Night ...almost five months now. Have been taking LDN for peripheral neuropathy for 2 1/2 years, and methyl B12 shots since that time... "

" ...ok, although he did have peripheral neuropathy a few years ago. I ...levels are persistently too low, cortisol regularly high and when muscle... "

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" I have peripheral neuropathy that causes tingling in feet, lower leg, and rt ...than feet. I assume it has something to do with cortisol levels, highest in the AM, lowest at night. There's... "

" ...take sublingual B12 daily. It goes under your tongue and gets absorbed into the bloodstream right away. I have achlorhydria (no stomach acid), so I can't get what I need from food or tablets. ... "

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" ...happen. My peripheral neuropathy was more ...this. I was very upset since I was afraid that I was out of options to control pouchitis. I ...with taking VSL#3 daily and hydrocortisone enemas... "

" ...when you don't have enough cortisol can trigger an adrenal crisis, ...crisis -- or even give you dexamethasone and do it if ...than I have for my peripheral neuropathy... "

" stimulated by the adrenals; cortisol, which elevates blood sugar, is ...over 109 twice) despite having had severe peripheral neuropathies years ago. I have never... "

" ...for adrenal fatigue. I've suffered with peripheral neuropathy since age 14 (I am ...almost certainly stem from low cortisol. My endo will only perform ...the tests show low cortisol (also t... "

" I got my cortisol saliva results back this is ...Male - (15 - 20nmol/L) Cortisol - 9am - 23nmol/L (6 being low. Opinions... My Peripheral neuropathy still hasn't completely hea... "

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