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Cortisol Low

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(Hydrocortisone decreased)
1,275 conversations around the web about Cortisol Low to help you make a decision
1,275 conversations around the web about Cortisol Low to help you make a decision
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Cortisol Low & Vitamin B12 Deficiency

2.12% of the posts that mention Cortisol Low also mention Vitamin B12 Deficiency (27 posts)
Cortisol Low
Vitamin B12 Deficiency
We found 27 discussions
" ...those he listed can impair proper conversion. I had LOW cortisol, low B12, and high rT3. I haven't been retested, but I... "

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" So I have: Low ferritin Low cortisol Low b12 (very low) Well I think that puts me at... "

" ...starts at 1.28. But your Free T3 is just sitting in your blood stream and not getting into your cells. There are several reasons: low cortisol, low B12, l... "

" ...T3 pooling and not getting into the blood cells for some reason (low cortisol, low B12, low ferritin.) So you can't just look at one, you really do need... "

" the cellular level (free t3 floats around in the blood stream). This can be from low cortisol, low B12, or low ferritin. Have you had your cortisol levels... "

" ...blood draw? Just making sure. It could be that your T3 is really pooling and not even getting into your cells (that could happen with other deficiencies like low cortisol, low B12, low... "

" ...cortisol, low ferritin, low b12 .............I think. These a... "

" ...T4 is so low. It is likely your Free T3 is pooling in your blood. That can be due to any number of things: low cortisol, low D, low B1... "

" I`m jittery, too. I figure it`s either low cortisol, low ferritin, low B12, low progesterone, high estrogen, low DHEAS, low vitamin D, high prolactin... I`m sure... "

" adrenals which showed high cortisol, low vit D, low B12, and low ferritin. I'm working on all of this before trying out Nature Throid. Just like everyone else, I want to feel better. I'm 34 with... "

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