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Cortisol Low

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(Hydrocortisone decreased)
1,275 conversations around the web about Cortisol Low to help you make a decision
1,275 conversations around the web about Cortisol Low to help you make a decision
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Cortisol Low & Hashimoto's Disease

1.41% of the posts that mention Cortisol Low also mention Hashimoto's Disease (18 posts)
Cortisol Low
Hashimoto's Disease
We found 18 discussions
" ...still gain weight to boot! What is that about? Anyway. I do have low cortisol, low vit D and the ever present fluxing Hashimoto's thyroid crud. I do not know why it happens, but try and force... "

" ...Stim test, low ACTH, low Cortisol, low Aldo , low renin, low ...either. As well you have Hashimotos Autoimmune Thyroiditis of course (overrange ...very good idea to have Celiac testing done... "

" ...I'll check it later for you. Yes, you have Hashi's because you have the antibodies. And yes, your latest ...your cells because of one or more factors: low cortisol, low B12, low ferritin, low... "

" ...has hypothyroidism, likely hypopit( low ACTH/low cortisol, low IGF-1), hypoparathyroidism. I have Hashi's/hypo, Pernicious Anemia, hypopit(no breast milk ...go into labor on my own, secondary a... "

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" ...done as well, I have low cortisol, low progesterone, low estrogen (but estrogen ...female by the way...) I was dx with Hashimoto's about 10 years ago. Here are my... "

" ...about you having a period for 4 ...alone, you probably have hashis, low cortisol, low aldosterone,... "

" giving T3 - have hashi's so its a wash Type 2 (high cortisol, low DHEA) or type 3 adrenal ...nope Low testosterone and DHEA - i'm on the low side apparently but normal in the lab ranges,... "

" caused by Hashimotos, however blood work should. When I initially started taking dexamethasone it did a great job of suppressing ...(as evidenced by my decreased cortisol output and... "

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" ...Synthroid. 100mcg, My TSH was only a 3.9. Stayed on 100mcg, until just recently, as i spoke when my TSH came back at a 0.011. But I feel wonderful, best in a year, I jsut notice when I take my s... "

" wean either? If Cortisol low FT3 may be pooling increasing. Possibly responsible fo... "

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